Pisces Sign - Characteristic

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) - it is a work with the society, ie, an ability to "swim like a fish in water." A "Person - Society" theme, an adaptation of a person to society. A man is within a certain "manhill", within some element, which consists of the same people like him, within society. Pisces is an ability to get along with others, an ability to build social structures, an ability to negotiate. An ability to use the society to solve own problems.

Quality: Adaptation to society.

Pisces sign

Pisces - a Water sign, mutable. Rulership of Pisces - Neptune. Exaltation of Venus. Detriment and fall of Mercury.

In love Pisces are romantic and idealistic. They crave love, passion and happiness, hope for loyalty. But themselves may not always correspond to this role, the internal duality and sometimes sudden radical changes in their mood and plans often interfere. However, Pisces can not be called failure in love, even parting with a partner, they can return again and again to him, or forgive his sins again and again. Pisces need love and tenderness, kindness and caring in the family, and they treat the house with great warmth, trying to decorate it as best as they can.

Strengths of Pisces sign: compassion, humanism, fine intuitive abilities. Possible weaknesses: laziness, illusions, a tendency to alcohol.

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