Moon Aspects in Synastry

Moon aspects have a great importance in synastry, since Moon has direct impact on our subconscious mind. Here we consider the main of these aspects, that influence relationships most: conjunction, square (quadrature), trine and opposition.

  1. Conjunctions
  2. Squares
  3. Trines
  4. Oppositions

Moon Conjunctions in Synastry

Moon in conjunction with Moon

This aspect indicates instantaneous intuitive understanding. Both partners are aware of the mood, emotional changes and needs of each other. As a result, due to the creative and emotional flow that improves relationship, a strong sense of emotional compatibility and understanding arises.

Man's Moon in conjunction with Woman's Mercury

This is an interesting aspect, because emotions are being understood rationally and easily transmitted. A man may feel a certain disappointment when his emotional reactions meet cold analytical mind of his partner as he relied on the heat of emotions. Over time he learns that woman's position helps to balance any excessive reactions, which he retained from his childhood. At the same time, in imitation of her partner, a woman learns to be more feminine. Subconscious permutation of roles of a man and a woman can be adjusted as a result, because each of them learns about himself from a partner.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Mercury

This is an excellent aspect for compatibility. The emotional and the thinking sides of life are found together and balanced. A woman can be especially attached to her partner as she can feel his every thought. This can cause a man's sense of excessive "maternal care", but overall he is happy with her susceptibility to his analytical mind.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Venus

This aspect indicates a relationship with the "female" orientation. Artistic interests, taste in music and the development of personal talents are important areas in this relationship. However, a woman should be responsible, if she wants the partnership to work. While her partner is sensitive and receptive, she can not rely on him more than she relies on her own internal emotional experience.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Venus

Emotions and feelings are joined together to form a special sensitivity between partners. A man shows his softer side that allows a woman to express her most vulnerable feelings. Many childhood memories, especially those relating to adolescence, can be fulfilled in this relationship. An abundance, accumulation of possessions and property may be results of an instinctive harmony and participation, which are found in this partnership.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Mars

This is an impulsive aspect. It reveals instinctive and progressive sides of both personalities. Energy can create a strong sexual attraction, and a woman can be more energetic partner. Vigorous activity and strong reactions create live relationships. Oedipus conflict is possible, since each partner copes with interchanging roles, expressed by this aspect. A woman reacts as if she was a man turns to the child's image of his mother. A man may unconsciously respond as if he was the mother of his partner, as he tries to balance his feelings with more primitive qualities of her ego. Each becomes an important teacher for a partner.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Mars

Woman's mystery responds to man's sexuality and acts as a backdrop for its expression. Here there is a strong sexual attraction, which helps to keep these relationships. However, if the partnership has to be prolonged, an impulsivity should be curbed. Spontaneity and hopes for the future connect with actions to eventually win the challenges of both egos.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Jupiter

Here a woman can raise a man to a higher consciousness. For him it is almost impossible to feel discouraged in her presence. His emotional scope extends as a woman learns as he reacts to her ideas and helps him to see a higher truth in all that he feels. This aspect apparently reduces sexuality, because it emphasizes the higher mind of a woman. However, increased awareness, optimism and happiness, symbolized by this aspect of the relationship, allow to express a feeling of happiness.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Jupiter

This aspect frees a woman from the past prohibitions and restraints, because her partner reveals feelings of boiling over the edge energy and abundant freedom. This relationship bring into her life opportunities and good fortune, while natural indecision, that she could feel, helps to keep a man interested. Sexuality is less important with this aspect, but the connection of her feelings with his expansiveness creates a perfect combination for a long partnership.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Saturn

This aspect connects relations by strengthening their intentions and bringing two people together because of the karmic experience. A man perceives the causes, while a woman should be responsible for the results. Due to the fact that a woman is aware of the outcome of things, she tends to restrain her partner, forcing into application the traditional and responsible lifestyle. As a result, he can feel as if planted in a cage, but it is difficult for him to destroy his proprietary affection for a woman. On a subconscious level a man assumes the role of his mother, while a woman plays with the life style of her father. As a result, the relationship becomes deeply rooted in the traditions, values, memories and unsolved karmic problems.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Saturn

Here each of partners plays the role of a parent. She plays the role of a mother, and he - the father, and both are trying to imitate his or her family. Partnership is steeped with possessive attitude and a sense of understated wisdom and prudence. A man tries to fix his sense of self-esteem. A woman needs to develop, because her emotions have childish traits. It is karmic relationship, often representing the remainder of the marriage in the previous incarnation. In many cases they are associated with religious or spiritual lessons that a woman should learn from a man.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Uranus

This aspect brings the excitement and instant attraction. Long relationships are difficult, since partners may be too unpredictable. Expectations may be impracticable, or two-way flow of love, which makes a full partnership, may be absent. A man, apparently, is subdued to his more detached and independent partner. A woman either heads this relationship because of her self-will, or stops it because of her need for spontaneity and freedom. If they are sufficiently mature people, able to recognize their differences, then emotional development and awareness are possible.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Uranus

This aspect creates a very interesting relationship. A woman tends to live in the past, while a man paves the way in the future. This relationship can create strong instant sexual attraction, but the real sexuality may lack reliability and satisfaction. A woman is emotionally involved, but her individualistic partner, apparently, is not able to give her a sense of security and peace that she is looking for. Despite this, the relationship can be characterized by personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Neptune

This aspect creates an aesthetic attraction, implying mystical overtones. Each partner is mentally set to another. Both are compassionately receptive to the needs of each other. The result of this combination can be artistic creativity. Man's sensitivity acquires the cosmic understanding through woman's tuning with nature and the universe as a whole. Susceptible flow makes this aspect one of the most pleasant combinations, thanks to which the prosperity of the relationship or marriage is possible.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Neptune

Sensitivity and charm combine with a compassionate understanding and a sense of plasticity. Partners feel comfortable and can act together, so that intuitive understanding increases. This excellent combination is enriched with similar musical and aesthetic tastes. A woman finds new ways of idealization of her partner, and he shares with her his sense of divine love. This relationship combines emotional "grounding" (through a woman) with the ability to touch the infinite (through a man).

Man's Moon in conjunction with woman's Pluto

This aspect represents a direct psychic connection between two people. It creates a powerful magnetism and strong sexual attraction. But relationship appears to be actually deeper. The subconscious needs of each of them are displayed on the surface due to another partner. A woman opens to a man conscious cosmic meaning of the collective unconscious, so he could outgrow emotional isolation. This dynamic and strong partnership can also generate great wealth.

Woman's Moon in conjunction with man's Pluto

Psychic connection between two people gives greater depth to relationship. A women relies on a man, because he can open to her hidden cosmic truths, symbolized by her emotional reactions. A man can break through the pretense, associated with old memories, to help her carry out an important transformation. Here there is a strong sexual attraction. Intense passion can hold people together long enough to discover other important facets of their personalities and relationship.

moon aspects in synastry

Moon Squares in Synastry

Moon in square (quadrature) to Moon

Each individual considers stress caused by past experiences as a threat to today's relationship. Maternal influence of the partners is expressed in different ways, so that there may be conflicts. Sexual attraction can be strong, but differences in opinions on family, home, feelings and children can cool relationship.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Mercury

A man subconsciously plays his childhood difficulties. But this time he may take the role of the mother, while a woman acts, as he did during his school years. A woman, in turn, may look at him like at her mother, with whom she did not see eye to eye. Difficulties caused by this square will depend on the friction experienced by each of the partners in their childhood. A woman should mentally cut the umbilical cord with her own mother, because a man (as his mother) symbolically fights, preserving and protecting his nest.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Mercury

This aspect causes tension between the natural maternal instinct of a women and man's ability to establish contact with her. There are barriers in communication possible, which impede the flow of the relationship. A woman does not feel masculine "power" that she was looking for, and may withdraw into herself or even stop communicating if subconsciously feels some kind of threat to her femininity.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Venus

This aspect refers to the tension. A woman is forced to face the subconscious rivalry with her mother, while a man can treat a woman as a source of tension between him and his mother. Since this relationship is dominated by a woman, a man often feels curbing his attempts to successfully achieve the male role he wants to play. As a result, this aspect reveals the inner struggle in both partners, which causes difficulties when attempting to honest communication.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Venus

Here a woman tries to play the role of her mother, but sees how mature maternal instinct struggles with a child. Due to the fact that she had never been able to completely solve their children's problems with her mother, she is inclined to transfer that role to her partner. Fighting for a sense of self-worth, he in turn relives a conflict with his own mother and the inner feelings of anger and resentment that he might be experiencing. Since both partners carry the feelings of the past, these feelings need to be resolved if the relationship should be maintained.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Mars

Here a man unconsciously struggles with himself as he allows a woman to carry out most of his ego desires that contradict everything what his mother taught. A woman can feel that he pushes her away. She may also have difficulty understanding her own aggressive tendencies in this relationship, because she unconsciously struggles with her own mother through her partner. As a result, she tries to make him appear subordinate as trying to develop a strong sense of her "I". Here, a sexual tension is present, but a sexual relationship can be used as a subliminal battleground where a child tries to break free from a parent.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Mars

This aspect creates a strong sexual tension. Since Mars symbolizes the energetic young man, and Moon symbolizes the mother, there may be some hidden subconscious incestuous temptation in this relationship. A woman gets her "god of war", but can not really be herself, because some vague or subconscious way may feel that violates the acceptable role in society, that she wanted to play. So she tries to convince herself that she does not overwhelm her partner, while he, in turn, fights for dominance. This partnership can be crowded with tension and subconscious fears.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Jupiter

This aspect causes exaggerated feelings which pour into unfounded judgments. Possessive attitude of a man faces the motivation of a women to freedom. However, the optimism with which she can raise the consciousness of a man, comes from her free spirit. Thus, there is a contradictory conflict that can be resolved only in the case if a man will raise his level of consciousness.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Jupiter

Basic protecing instincts of a woman are stopped in this partnership, as her knight in shining armor can very well defend himself. He rejects her emotional reactions in favor of his power plans. Due to the inability to express those instincts, which her mother taught, a woman may unconsciously fall back into a childish state, and not try to look into the face of her inability (as a woman) to take the wildness in a man she loves.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Saturn

Here a man can play a role similar to the role of his mother when she tried to gain acceptance from his father. A female partner feels pressure from her parental influence. She can subconsciously play a role similar to the role of her father when he tried in vain to make her mother gain certain social dignity. This relationship has built-in feelings of fear, dependence and continuation of the karmic tension from past generations.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Saturn

Here, each individual plays a parental role. This relationship can have a conflict of family values, which are a continuation of each family. According to karmic reasons, a man tries to hold back his partner to some conventional manner. A woman feels blocked, because a man is not susceptible to her emotional reactions. The more she holds back her feelings, the more a man feels that his influence on her is effective. If this relationship must continue, an open reassessment of personal values is necessary.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Uranus

A man has strengthened possessiveness as he is subconsciously jealous of fancy "women's position", which constantly brings disappointment to his need for emotional security. He feels threatened by the universal feeling of freedom, expressed by his partner. A man may wonder why he does not agree with her more liberal positions. In fact, she tries to free herself from her mother and rebels against her partner, when he hopes for maternal care. This is a bad aspect for a long partnership.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Uranus

A woman experiences emotional disappointment with this aspect, because a man counts on her reliability and protection, but tries to stay free of emotional dependency. He sees her as a symbolic mother and sees the relationship as a challenge that he must overcome in order to defend his individuality during the struggle, aimed at breaking the subconscious cord. She finds him exciting, challenging and unique, but she can not truly call him her own, because part of his appeal comes from impractical fantasies and changing oddities which constantly release him from emotional traps. This is a very difficult aspect to create a strong and lasting relationship.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Neptune

This aspect introduces confusion into a relationship. A man feels the escapist attitude in a woman, but can not really define it. He can try to ensure the safety and reliability, but is never sure of partner's devotion or intentions. Thus, the sense of fraud tends to obscure important issues. A man subconsciously tries to please his mother, holding a woman of his dreams. In reality he feels a sense of failure, however, if he is looking for answers in the mystical sphere, he only deepens his sense of loneliness. He can symbolically become Don Quixote chasing windmills.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Neptune

A woman feels subconscious loneliness as her idealized view of the relationship constantly breaks. The more she tries to identify herself with her partner, the more she loses herself. A man may try to find himself through her maternal instinct, subconsciously resenting with a symbolic return of childhood, which he tries to escape. There is a large mental interaction, as each partner reaches out to the other on many levels. Because of a misunderstanding, lack of clearly defined objectives, as well as the confusion with the identification, it is difficult for partners to determine their relationship.

Man's Moon in square to woman's Pluto

This aspect apparently contributes power components to a relationship. On the mental level, each individual confronts and inspects another. A woman can be a destroyer of man's concept about family safety. A man, in turn, sees her as everything what he could be if he was more assertive. Sexual intensity is high, but the same can be said about the rivalry and jealousy. Symbolic protecting male instinct meets its match in a woman who can actually defend herself.

Woman's Moon in square to man's Pluto

Here a woman is literally pushed into the Dante's hell. This relationship makes her break with the past, but it does not promise a secure future. A man tries to escape from the womb. He may try to symbolically humiliate his partner to feel his own strength. There is a fight between the dark side of a man that needs to come to the surface, and a woman who can only reflect the negativity of her partner. Over time, if each person looks into the face of his internal struggles, the relationship can be resolved.

Moon Trines in Synastry

Moon in trine to Moon

This relationship is characterized by a harmonious emotional quality. Both partners understand each other's feelings, without losing themselves in the process. Good communication, friendly relations, cooperation and the spirit of mutual help make this aspect a perfect combination for a long-term relationship or marriage.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Mercury

A man likes this relationship, because he finds understanding that sought from his mother. He feels confident in expressing his emotions and enjoys the fact that a woman is able to focus his subconscious feelings. A woman, in turn, enjoys his sensitivity to her ideas, and his reactions help her develop harmony with herself. This relationship can have sincere and direct children's quality. A man may feel threatened, but his fears are easily surmountable, because she understands his feelings.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Mercury

This aspect refers to free and easy communication. A woman symbolically shows the passion, and a man combines emotion with reason, that each of partners functions most harmonious archetypal way. A man enjoys the maternal qualities of his partner, while his logical mind provides a solid foundation for her feelings.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Venus

This aspect is rather female-oriented and has mutual receptivity and sensitivity. A man seeks to satisfy his needs. A woman complements the pattern of love, which a man learned from his mother. Thus, the love he gets from his partner, is well known to his subconscious. This aspect adds a note of lightness and ease to a possible great partnership.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Venus

This is an excellent aspect for a good compatibility. A woman feels emotionally comfortable, and her partner enjoys her support and mothering qualities. Both partners have accented creativity. As a result, a steady stream of feelings, intuition and cooperation never ceases to strengthen the harmony of relationship. A man can appreciate how his mother contributed to the development of his needs. Therefore, it is easy for him to move maternal love to his partner in a positive way.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Mars

Perseverance and energy of a woman act as an incentive for all that a man needs to express. Expressing her emotional nature to a partner, she learns how her mother's emotions can be combined with actions to achieve successive goals. As a result, she carries the image of her mother and provides to a partner the fulness, that he looks for. This is a live and active relationship.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Mars

The natural maternal instinct of a woman connects with the wishes of her partner when he leads her forward into the future. Attraction is instinctive and easy to manage. A woman learns how to translate her instincts into action, while a man learns how to act through instinct. Live spirit of cooperation encourages a partnership to discovery - about themselves and about their relationship with the world. However, if this partnership must be preserved, both people need to curb their sometimes restless or even reckless attitude.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Jupiter

This aspect gives the relationship a note of lightness and happiness. Expanding senses teach a man how to find his place in the universe. A woman learns how to combine emotions with her superior intelligence. If partners are cautious about excesses, this aspect may create a true emotional center in partnership. If these excesses are not limited, emotional weakness may affect the reliability of the relationship.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Jupiter

Two people are experiencing harmony in travel, philosophy and finding their place in life. A woman appreciates the free spirit of a man and gives him a cozy nest, while he helps the development of her emotional "I" and the expansion of her mind. This aspect does not link relationship, but it can add fun and enjoyment to a stable partnership.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Saturn

This aspect brings in the relationship a sense of judgment and caution. Restraint and caution bind two people together in a way that can isolate them from the rest of the world, but none of them feels dependent. A man greets that a woman acts as her father, as it helps to increase his maturity. A woman, in turn, is proud of the fact that he grows to take on a worthy role. As a result, this aspect may create a sufficiently stable foundation for a strong partnership or marriage.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Saturn

This aspect creates a harmonious balance between the emotions of a woman and man's need of growth and status. Both partners feel themselves protectors to each other. A woman's ability to yield to a man because of his power and wisdom makes this relationship compatible. She recreates the role of her mother, as is trying to carry out the traditions of the past; a man imposes traditions that make her feel a part of something bigger than herself.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Uranus

This aspect brings exhilaration in a relationship. Some unpredictability retains an interest of each partner to the other. With her sparkling originality, a woman teaches a man a more flexible attitude to the emotions. He, in turn, provides emotional stability so that she can safely express her individuality. Although this aspect does not binds partnership which is shaky otherwise, it adds the potential of the understanding, with which both partners can grow.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Uranus

Here a woman unconsciously assumes the role played by her mother to help a man to get rid of connection with his mother. His sense of freedom helps him to establish his unique identity, and a woman is able to understand it without losing her sense of "I". The combination of the original expression and ingenuity of a men and woman's harmonious perception can make this relationship very interesting.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Neptune

This aspect indicates a subconscious receptivity of both individuals. Each of partners understand the feelings of another on an intuitive level, soft romantic stream directs a relationship. Like a woman, bathing in moonlight, this partnership reflects one of the most harmonious combinations of characters. A man warms a woman with his love, and she thanks him for his efforts. Her inspiration helps the birth of his eternal feelings to the universe.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Neptune

Here, a woman sees a man's idealized vision of her. Like rain falling on fertile ground, a man pours on a woman his love, and she grows to the image of his ideal. Mutual enthusiasm and mental awareness are common to both partners, because their imagination is moving to the same vantage point. Like Cyrano de Bergerac, a man sings of his Roxana.

Man's Moon in trine to woman's Pluto

This aspect brings depth and understanding in a relationship. A man encouraged a woman to dive into the well of her subconscious, so that she can transcend her inferior "I". She may eventually become a diamond, which he patiently sought. He must understand her volatile nature and how it needs to be transformed. With the help of attention, care and genuine love, both partners can literally transform each other.

Woman's Moon in trine to man's Pluto

With this mental aspect a woman tries to transform her partner. She sneaks through the thorns to find a tiny seed that eventually will cause the birth in his mind. If he allows her to elevate himself, then through passion and suffering the darkness can be transformed into light. The great challenge of this aspect may create a partnership that has great social significance.

Moon Oppositions in Synastry

Moon in opposition to Moon

This is a difficult combination for compatibility, because the emotional susceptibility of two individuals confronts each other. There is a strong attraction, both partners seek to achieve a balanced sense of objectivity. But when one of them tries to move into the center, emotions can reach extremes. This causes tensions and the explosion of feelings that give extra stimulation. However, as a result this tension can cause an end of relationship.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Mercury

This aspect indicates that feelings of a man may be incompatible with the ideas of a partner. Analytical view of a woman on his emotions can interfere with the meeting of mind and heart. Disappointment and dissatisfaction may eventually destroy the relationship.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Mercury

The natural opposition between thoughts and feelings causes frictions. Maternal instinct of a woman resists a man's ability to think for himself. His ideas are apparently different from usual for her feelings and behavior patterns. As a result, the harmony of the relationship may be violated by unconscious childish expressions of resentment and indignation. In general, lack of understanding on both sides is possible, which constantly prevents the free flow of communication.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Venus

This aspect creates difficulties at the level of feelings. The relationship appears to have female orientation. A woman subconsciously struggles with her mother's authority. A man, who often experienced a difficult childhood, is drawn into this relationship to develop new emotional positions. He instinctively sees once again the concern of his mother about her femininity, which allows him to learn the lessons that will lead to greater contact with his true feelings.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Venus

Here a woman represents herself as his mother and herself in the perception of a man. She can create situations designed to ensure that a man subjected her punishment. Through his power she can learn to distinguish between her own feelings from those projected on her as a child. This is a difficult psychological complex, which can destroy the relationship. A man apparently plays a very minor role in this complex, and he may be hurt. Both partners may never see each other as they really are. Working off of this complex can be beneficial, but the solution may eventually put an end to the relationship.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Mars

This aspect apparently contributes to the relationship rapid or impulsive actions. A woman plays the role of a man. A man sees himself as a woman, at the same time he unconsciously plays the role of his mother as opposed to himself. To gain freedom from the influence of his mother, he has to create situations in which a disputatious woman (which he plays himself) wins a major victory. The more a man does this, the more he frees from his past. However, the resolution of this problem affects existing relationship.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Mars

Here a man subconsciously refers through a woman to his mother. Therefore, a strong sexual attraction, pointed by this aspect, carries a hidden incestuous tendencies, which hinders this relationship. At the same time, a woman tends to unintentionally outplay subconscious feelings of her mother. Frictions, passion and conflict are the distinguishing features of this partnership.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Jupiter

In this aspect there is a conflict between the proprietary feelings of a man and a free-spirited woman. He tries to establish contact with her emotional feelings and expects from her the same. While she addresses him by her superior intelligence. As a result, relationship operates at two different levels of consciousness that are not complementary to each other. This conflict is manifested with divergence of opinions, the opposing philosophies and contradictions in the positions that are difficult to resolve.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Jupiter

In this aspect the natural maternal instinct of a woman is suppressed by man's need to freedom. She feels in him irresponsibility, which creates in her a sense of insecurity. A man thinks that she over-reacts to his need for expansion and desire to try anything that life might offer him. Thus, he often can not offer her enough security and protection, and she feels a certain vulnerability. Optimism, which she has, removes her despair at moments of confrontation.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Saturn

This aspect imposes on the relationship a strict tone. Both individuals apparently work off parental conflicts that violate personal sense of harmony. This is due to the fact that a woman subconsciously absorbed some feeling of guilt from her father and tends to project him on her partner. He feels restrictions due to reasons that have no relation to him. Here karmic patterns come apart, because the difficulties of a woman with an understanding of emotions of a man need to be overcome if the relationship should be preserved.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Saturn

This aspect often causes a situation of dependency in which a woman fights for her emotional freedom, and a man spends a lot of energy trying to influence her. A man tries to impose his sense of wisdom, dignity and correctness on a woman, and she feels stunned and depressed. The relationship with this aspect may continue for an indefinite period of time until each of the partners does not reach a certain karmic maturity.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Uranus

The unpredictable behavior of a woman reveals past insecurities in a man. Unsustainable patterns have their origin from her adolescence or study time in college when she began to learn her originality and independence. Subconsciously considering a man as a substitute mother figure, from which she is to be free, a woman is not ready to give the relationship all that she is capable of. This aspect is very difficult and too unstable for marriage or a long-term partnership.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Uranus

A man treats a woman as a symbol of the values upheld by his mother in the past. He feels the need to protest against any form of domination and will fight to defend his freedom and sense of originality. The relationship will not be boring, but a woman would not pass the final surprise, if she becomes dependent on an unstable man's nature.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Neptune

This aspect creates in a man a sense of loss. He reaches for a woman only to discover that she is not there. Instead, he is faced with dreams, illusions, fantasies and battles, although in reality it is susceptibility to his real feelings. In turn, a woman can try to make a man fit her ideal, creating thus dreams in which she would have to live. Because of the difficulties, caused by this aspect, the relationship can easily turn into a source of disappointment.

Woman' Moon in opposition to man's Neptune

In this aspect, it is difficult for two individuals to express true feelings to each other. A man can hide behind the images that mask his real personality, whereas a woman does not cease to try to bring to the surface his feelings, the presence of which she guesses. She reaches for the wind, and it keeps slipping out of her hands. As a result, she may give up on herself or lose her sense of identity.

Man's Moon in opposition to woman's Pluto

This aspect brings in a relationship unstable, explosive quality. A woman "recharges" a man, but he sees her power as a threat to his sense of confidence and reliability. Frictions leading to rupture, separation and parting, eventually lead man to a cosmic understanding of his feelings. A woman, in turn, tends to destroy the same house, which seeks, as she pursues a continuing need for revival.

Woman's Moon in opposition to man's Pluto

In this aspect, the regenerating power of Pluto is often too much for the delicate female emotions. A woman may feel threatened by the dark side of life, not understanding the depth to which a partner leads. A man seeks to personalize a "man" through her sensitivity, but can find her too considered and balanced to satisfy his energetic impulse. This aspect challenges the very essence of both individuals.

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