Mercury Aspects in Synastry

–°ontinuing the cycle of articles about aspects in synastry, we turn to Mercury. Four main aspects will be considered here: conjunction, square (quadrature), trine and opposition.

  1. Conjunctions
  2. Squares
  3. Trines
  4. Oppositions

Mercury Conjunctions in Synastry

Mercury in conjunction with Mercury

Both partners think the same way. Subconscious replay of the rivalry between the children is possible, if any of the partners competed for the attention of parents with sister or brother. However, the need for the expression of both partners can eventually create a situation of clear and simple-hearted understanding. They are very similar to the two children playing under the protection of caring universe. Through their ideas and perception of each other, they can come close to sharing wisdom, logic and spontaneous understanding of each other.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Venus

In this aspect, the thinking ability of a man complements the good and cooperating character of a women. She is in love with his mind. He, in turn, excites her feelings, which warm his neutral logic. Simplicity created by this aspect encourages free and easy communication and emotional expression. Messenger turns to his beloved, who is waiting patiently to hear his message.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Venus

She loves him, and he likes to talk and share with her. Sincere ease makes this aspect comfortable for both partners. The ability to share common interests and love of art create a common thread of understanding.

Man' Mercury in conjunction with woman's Mars

This aspect with male orientation indicates that a woman stimulates partner's intelligence. She may experience frustration as a man misinterprets her sexual stimulus, seeing it in the mental plane. However, it is an alive, active and stimulating relationship. This aspect helps negate any escapist qualities, which may be indicated by other areas of their charts.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Mars

Sexual energy, projected by a man, is used by a woman as an incentive for expressing her ideas. As a result he feels frustrated because of a misunderstanding of his sexual instincts, but feels gratitude for the understanding of his needs at other levels. This aspect makes a woman to use her mind in a healthy rivalry with the male ego. Thinking is connected to the action. Intellect and progress may be main aims of this partnership.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Jupiter

This aspect refers to the meeting of the lower and higher intelligence levels. A man helps a woman to bring her ideas to a practical level, while she may reveal to him a higher consciousness. In essence, he is a channel through which her consciousness pours. Because of his ability to categorize and understand everything logically, her sense of value as a space creation increases.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Jupiter

In this aspect a woman finds her supreme intelligence through a man. He explains the universal plan of her subjective consciousness and helps her understand higher position in relation to life. Partnership is steeped with humane quality, as the thirst for knowledge and understanding of a woman supports the man's need to share his wisdom bowl.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Saturn

A woman leads a man to the necessary lessons. She tells him about the responsibility, burden and the means to achieve wisdom, which will add fullness to his existence. He needs to gain her respect, and so he tends to develop. More frivolous qualities of Mercury are constrained, as she imprints the wisdom of a mature consciousness on the puerile qualities that sees in a partner.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Saturn

A woman finds in a man expected protection and support. Judiciously quality gives direction and purpose to the relationship. A woman asks questions and gets serious answers in the form of proverbs, teachings and quotations; these serious reactions help her develop confidence. This aspect represents a child who looks into the eyes of his father and says, "Dad, will you teach me?" - and his father teaches.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Uranus

In this aspect man's intellect is mixed with the unique originality and ingenuity of a woman. This is an aspect of interest and a strong mental stimulation. With her ability to free-thinking, a woman can discover her partner the exciting possibilities of his mind. At the same time his ability to perceive and understand her ideas adds a note of practicality and prudence to the relationship, which may give rise to brilliance, genius.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Uranus

This aspect increases the intellectual stimulation. A woman is able to understand the erratic thought processes of her partner. Although his ideas may lead her into confusion, in the end she realizes that in life there are a lot of what she did not know before. The expressive originality adds excitement to this partnership and allows it to grow very quickly, as it constantly transcends traditional archetypes and norms of conventional relationships.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Neptune

Here, the thinking man's ability connects with the inspiration and vision of a woman. A man shares his practical ideas and helps her understand her vision. She is able to inspire him when he is looking for the cause of all her experiences, fantasies and deep psychic senses. However, she may lose her identity, seamlessly blending with the mind of her partner, as her sacrificial and compassionate nature makes concessions to introduce a partner with deep secrets that she feels inside.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Neptune

This aspect represents a combination of reason and intuition, as a man helps a woman to have faith in her ideas. He has the inspiration and vision. She has the ability to analyze and understand. Their relationship represents the message on the waves of the spirit, as a woman comes up with ideas, and then a man shows the divine inspiration in them. The feeling of compassion can make this aspect the perfect combination for a partnership, if a man understands what Neptune should give him.

Man's Mercury in conjunction with woman's Pluto

In this aspect the conscious mind of a man is confronted with the raw unconscious energy of a woman. This relationship can be built on a live perception and depth. She shows him an extension of his thoughts, and his interest in learning is supported by her constant transformation. If a man tries to dominate in the relationship, he can sense that he is sitting on a volcano that could explode at any moment. However, if he understands the magnitude of the intensity of his partner, he can evaluate his gradual comprehension of the unknown.

Woman's Mercury in conjunction with man's Pluto

This is an excellent alliance for spiritual growth. A constantly transforming man creates conditions that help to change a woman's ability to understand herself. She develops depth, as begins to overcome the limitations and narrowness, which might otherwise stifle her lower mind. A man also changes her sexual ideas, and while she is frightened by his intensity, she is, nevertheless, intrigued by it. So he lures her deeper into the mysteries of the universe in search of understanding the essence of life itself.

Mercury in synastry

Mercury Squares (Quadratures) in Synastry

Mercury in square (quadrature) to Mercury

This aspect is irritating, because both partners think differently. The expression of unique ideas becomes a cause of friction. The dynamic quality of the relationship may cause growth. Due to the fact that this aspect often causes tension at the household level, it is particularly difficult to establish harmony.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Venus

In this aspect, a man tries to teach a woman how to express her love. She may be upset with "bisexual" mercurian vibrations, which give her intellectual rather than total "male" essence. A man can subconsciously tell her: "Be as I say." When this tension exists, even usual communication becomes difficult.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Venus

Woman explores her role, as she faces the feminine side of a man. When she explores the relationship (both from his and her point of view), she tries to take the female lead, which is demonstrated to her. In fact, she asks a man to teach her to love, but with this aspect she can understand love only at her intellectual level.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Mars

This aspect causes disagreements, frictions and irritation. A woman may unconsciously identify herself with the figure of her animus, and as a result she will try to gain the upper hand over her intellectual side, the symbol of which is a man. She can act or react instinctively, taking his thoughts as an incentive rather than as an opportunity to share ideas. As a result, a man feels a lack of communication in this relationship.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Mars

With this aspect a woman tries to understand the nature of relationships and her role in them, while a man subjectively expresses his ego. She should understand things that he does not understand. To do this, she can play both roles, hoping to gain understanding. However, if she tries to play the male lead, she not only causes his dislike, but also harms herself. As a result, this aspect tends to disturb the harmony that two individuals are looking for in the relationship.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Jupiter

With this aspect a man uses a woman to expand his consciousness. She is able to explain to him his thoughts, but he may not like explanations, or they may not match his line of conduct. He may feel disappointed or doubts in his original issues. It can be difficult for her to deal with the information that he considers relevant. The higher mind of a woman and the lower mind of a man do not complement each other, even though both may have power.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Jupiter

This aspect causes communication difficulties, which are not easy to overcome. A woman relies on a man in relation to the highest truth, but may find that his concept of truth does not agree with her view. He can play the role of prophet, sage, soothsayer, responding to the questions that she raises. The responses give her aspects of the truth, which do not have a real benefit for the progress of her thoughts. As a result, she must either change her mind or be reconciled with the subordinate role in the relationship.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Saturn

Here a man uses his intelligence to unconsciously challenge the limits and the wisdom of his father, the symbol of which he sees in a woman. For him, she symbolizes the commitment and slow motion to productive purposes. He can consider it an obstacle to free expression. If he listens to her, as a result he will be more thoughtful and learn to say what he means. If he does not, she may be burdened with the karmic effects of his ideas. The relationships can be either one-way or very significant, depending on how a man takes a practical and sober woman's vision of life.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Saturn

A woman subconsciously considers a man as a symbol of domineering father figure, which overbears her need to express. She feels disappointed, since most of her ideas encounter obstacles. A man considers himself responsible for her ideas. Here a relationship with an obvious pattern of senior-junior can occur, where each of the partners stops at nothing to impress the other. It's quite a difficult aspect for harmony because it has hidden inner dependence. Both partners can ask questions about their role in the relationship. A woman may be afraid of a man as he builds a feeling of respect on her fear. However, the more he prevents the expression of her ideas, the stronger she becomes, until one day she will not need his too patronizing attitude.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Uranus

This aspect causes an active pull on the mental level. Strong excitement is possible, but it is accompanied by a trend towards an unexpected, controversial or restless feelings induced by a non-traditional position of a woman. A man looks at her originality and creativity as at the supreme expression of his intellect. But her strange ideas may shock his thought process. He is looking for stability in his partner, but finds that she is constantly changing.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Uranus

An active lively relationship is possible, but there may be difficulties associated with communication. A woman doubts in her intellect, because a man expresses his thoughts in a unique and original way. The more he is looking for existential life, the more it destroys the woman's desire to understand the earthly reality. A woman believes that he has an exciting character, but every time she thinks she understands him, a man adds something new. She feels as if looking through a kaleidoscope of possibilities, which never ceases to spin out of her reach.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Neptune

Here the active mind of a man can be disappointed with woman's mysteriousness. At the same time, she may feel limited because of his analytic position. She may try to help him in the development of intuition, so that he could feel that which is trying to understand by mind. However, when his mind becomes less effective, he may consider a woman as a shadow over his thoughts. Distrust or devious communication makes this aspect difficult to establish strong and lasting relationship.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Neptune

With this aspect, a woman can not find her ideal image in a man. He is like a dream, but she is never sure whether he is her dream or illusory projection of what he knows she wants to see. Like a person with a thousand faces, he can be all what she is thinking about, except the essence that she really needs. As a result, self-deception caused by this aspect can easily ruin a partnership, that could be strong otherwise.

Man's Mercury in square to woman's Pluto

This aspect brings in the relationship quarrelsome and contentious tone. Fanatical competition for self-expression apparently emphasizes a lower qualities of both individuals, but each of them is capable of transforming another. A man seeks to understand the depth of a woman, and although she can guide him through the darkness, she promises light at the end of the tunnel. However, to do so, a woman must learn to understand instinctively what a man is trying to tell her. The relationship is characterized by tension and struggle, as both partners are trying to understand each other.

Woman's Mercury in square to man's Pluto

With this aspect it is difficult for a woman to understand the hidden side of a man. A woman feels the "Trojan horse" outside and is afraid that he would encroach on the order in her mind, but she is still intrigued by this mysterious dark force that seems to know everything that she does not know. As a result, she feels both attraction and repulsion. Therefore, she must use her mind to deal with volatile challenges of a man. The relationship has intensity, passionate self-confidence and stubbornness, because each individual is trying to tell the importance of his thoughts to another.

Mercury Trines in Synastry

Mercury in trine to Mercury

The conscious mind of a man is compatible with the ideas and thoughts of a woman. They complement each other as like-minded friendly children walking next to each other and sharing their ideas. This is an excellent aspect for mutual understanding.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Venus

This aspect brings in the relationship a sense of cooperation. A woman tries to understand a man, and because she loves him, he gains confidence in his ideas. Both partners appreciate and understand art and share a common sense of values. This is a positive aspect for a compatible partnership.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Venus

This aspect brings in the relationship a note of quiet harmony. Due to the mutual understanding both man and woman benefit from the opportunity to share their experiences. A woman sees her sense of aesthetic evaluation in a man, as he adds senses to her intellect. If she has a practical mind, this aspect may be an excellent basis for communication.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Mars

A woman passes the energy and stimulates man's intellect. She ignites his ideas and helps him to develop confidence in his beliefs. At the same time he can add the reasonableness to her passion. This is a live, active and developing relationship, as energetic aspirations of both partners act as "rocket fuel" to move into the future. This is an excellent aspect for achievement. If a man doubts himself, she encourages him. She can easily overcome obstacles, while he can astutely select the most reasonable way in which they go.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Mars

Woman's intelligence is intensified by man's desire for expression. She sees a need to translate her ideas into action, and his energy helps her to do it. Active dialogue is aimed at mutual understanding, as both partners help to create each other. They can achieve wealth and implementation of the personal desires, if the relationship includes a fair share of common sense.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Jupiter

With this aspect, the lower mind of a man connects to the higher mind of a woman to create multiple levels of harmonious understanding. She can generously nourish him with ideas, which he can easily digest. Thus, he feels satisfying expansion of his consciousness. At the same time he provides her with the means for self-expression, so that she could pass her ideas. If he is practical and reasonable, this aspect can lead to spiritual growth for both partners. When light is combined with intellect, Renaissance begins.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Jupiter

Here woman's intellect is illuminated by a man's ability to understand the nature of the expanding universe. He introduces her to new ways of thinking, and she can be fascinated by seeing the value of expanding simple ideas. When Jupiter ignites the torch of her mind, she becomes a messenger of truth, able to endow others with her enlightened understanding. This aspect can point not only at the personal growth, but also at the possibility of a spiritual calling.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Saturn

A woman contributes maturity, which acts as a shock absorber, protecting and focusing man's intelligence, so that he could achieve a meaningful expression. Her subconscious projection of a target creates a "nest" in which man's ideas are born, fed and strengthened until they are brought to implementation. This is an excellent aspect for a long karmic partnership or marriage.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Saturn

Here, a man contributes a sense of purpose. He helps a woman to shape her view of life that she had more mature ideas. As a result, she becomes an avid disciple in the teacher-student relationship. Because of karmic mixing of the significant ideas both partners experience spiritual evolution. A woman learns that the construction of all good takes time, and a man helps her build her mind.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Uranus

This aspect creates the harmony between the intelligence of a man and the unusual or imaginative knowledge that a woman has collected. Through his "lower" mind a man seeks to categorize and analyze all that he perceives. But in doing so, he can overlook a lot of things that could enrich his thinking. Through this relationship with a woman, he becomes more inventive, original and gains a greater contact with the many existing opportunities, which otherwise might overlook. This relationship may have touch of genius, if both individuals will work together towards a common goal.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Uranus

This aspect makes a man renew the mind of a woman who is excited and thrilled by his intellect. She comes to the realization of the new potential, wider horizons, and can even begin to understand concepts inaccessible for her mind so far. When the lower mind is enriched with bright discoveries of Uranus, her intellectual capacity becomes endlessly progressive. She learns how to get out of range for improved brightness of the future. At the same time a man finds her thinking and logic a desired channel for his unconventional ideas, giving a direction to the energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Neptune

With this aspect, the mental capacity of a man is connected with the intuition and inspiration of a woman. Her dreams complement his concrete reality. A woman can inspire and support her partner, because her beliefs and vision can teach him to perceive the aesthetic natural beauty and spiritually uplift his intellectual ability. Compatible harmony of this aspect includes the understanding of music and arts.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Neptune

This aspect can teach a woman to accept the mystical consciousness, which she receives through a man. Instead of drawing conclusions from her thoughts, she can begin to realize that to achieve new levels of consciousness her open mind can be helpful. When she comes into the spiritual kingdom, the entrance to which provides a man, she opens up a lot of nuances, images and meanings that exist in the simple personal relationship. This is an excellent aspect for a developing partnership or marriage.

Man's Mercury in trine to woman's Pluto

This aspect brings more depth and wisdom into a relationship. Exploring the origins of ideas, a man learns to transform his thinking. And since a man is what he thinks, he can change his whole existence. A woman is a hidden "Angel of Light", mysteriously giving secrets, which contain clues to his evolution. This is a powerful and dynamic relationship, as it pave the way to the harmony of man's conscious thinking and woman's subconscious emanations.

Woman's Mercury in trine to man's Pluto

A woman drinks from the well of mystery and passion, filling the cup of her understanding. That which may seem extreme in a man, can cause the birth in the very depths of his soul of a force which eventually transforms the consciousness of both partners. A woman is a "Little Red Riding Hood", which meets in the woods the gray wolf only to find that the wolf is the catalyst that will force her to transcend all fears and self-doubt.

Mercury Oppositions in Synastry

Mercury in opposition to Mercury

With this aspect, the conscious mind is opposed to itself, as both partners see life through the dichotomy of opposites. The relationship can achieve balance, but both partners probably will never feel truly satisfied. Mental harmony is the result of the adoption of the universal opposites. If every individual can truly recognize and realize the validity of other streams of thought, then this combination can lead both partners to objective consciousness. If either partner is too tied to personal thoughts or opinions, this opposition can be an obstacle in communication, and can make the partnership unbearable.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Venus

Man's intelligence acts against his need for love. A woman can feel that she is faced with the ideas that remove her sense of well-being. The more a woman is stimulated by a partner's thoughts, the less she is able to express her feminine side. This is a natural conflict between the woman's to give love and man's intellectual reaction to her.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Venus

A woman may not like the way her partner expresses love. She sees that her female mystery manifests in a man, whose gentleness and kindness pose a threat to her sexuality. As a result, petty irritation tends to mask the broader and more important conflict that never really appears on the surface. A man apparently feels that never gets real satisfaction from communication with a woman.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Mars

This aspect leads to disputes. A woman may struggle to take precedence over what she considers a male superiority. She can be equated with her unconscious animus figure and feel the need to win in the field of communication. But each time, when a woman does so, she loses some of her feminine nature, as she makes a man less confident regarding his expression. In essence, she apparently condemns his ideas. This is a particularly difficult aspect for a long marriage or partnership, as the communication has degrading character. Both partners try to base on the weaknesses of others for the sake of survival.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Mars

Woman's intelligence may feel threatened by the aggressive force of a man. She is aware of his sexuality on the mental level, and tries to rationalize his aggression or to attribute it to other reasons. As a result, it is difficult for a woman to share her feelings. The nature of her thinking angers her partner. A man wants to make her more docile, as he feels the threat for his sexuality with her too intelligent reactions. However, this aspect can cause the growth of a woman and can cause man's re-evaluation of his demand in own value.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Jupiter

The lower mind of a man and the higher mind of a woman are in conflict with each other. She is full of energy, but can not communicate with her feminine role without coping with man's lower mind. The relationship is a constant search for identity, transferred to the levels which never really cross. He sees her expansiveness as an evasion of female role in which he would like to see her. She may find him unwilling to accept his male role or reluctant to communicate with her on those levels at which she would like. But even if that happens, their views are likely to diverge.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Jupiter

A woman sees in a man mental alertness and freedom, which she would like to achieve in herself, but can not. When she examines his higher mind through her lower mind, she is trying to improve the functioning of her lower mind, but such communication can not last too long. A man can constantly show her insignificance of her ideas in comparison with his perception of the universe. As a result, subconscious inferiority can become the focal point of this relationship, destroying what could be mentally stimulating partnership.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Saturn

This aspect causes some role confusion on the part of a woman, if she is not able to recognize her latent tendency to dominate or impose liability on a man. She can think that he pushes the burden of responsibility on her. In fact, she sees a man through the expectations of her father, while he feels that she plays a role that does not fit her. A man may be not agree to take the requirements imposed on his active and adaptable intelligence. Disputes and fighting are possible, as a man, trying to find his own importance, feels that he must resist any sense of responsibility, which is not his own.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Saturn

Here, a woman must find a cold-blooded power to overcome the burden of responsibility and traditional rules, which she feels burdened because of the subconscious image of her father. She can not take a man as a person who knows what is good for her and what is not, because she feels that he limits her thought patterns. Although this reaction can cause difficulties in the relationship, this aspect can symbolize strong and lasting union. A woman should break away from the paternal figure, and her partner, in turn, needs to be patient with her. Both partners may subconsciously enjoy the fight, which ultimately makes each of them more powerful.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Uranus

This aspect causes a battle of minds, where everyone is trying to beat the other. An inventive woman fights for her free-thinking stance, while a man convinces himself that he understands her. In fact, her unpredictability is incomprehensible for his orderly intelligence. Here the excited state of "madness" can triumph, that makes this relationship too unstable to continue.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Uranus

Here a woman is puzzled with unique intelligence of a man, because his ever-changing direction excites her intellectually, but makes see her own worthlessness. She looks for the order, but discovers chaos. She looks for logic, but must be faced with all that escapes logic. Since her femininity is not part of this aspect, she may find herself at a disadvantage. She must compete with a man in his field, but when she does so, she may find that his strange ideas and unconventional methods are a constant source of irritation for her. Therefore, the result of this aspect can be frictions, misunderstandings, and in some cases pure "madness". When the rebellion is opposed to reason, dissonance is not conducive to fruitful relationships.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Neptune

This aspect may indicate that a woman is cheating a man. Instead of complementing his ideas, her sense of uncertainty clouds his ability to clear thinking. Here we find Plato, symbolically representing the mind, opposing to the Water Nymph, whose charm can distract him from prudence. Knowing this, a man may try to protect distrusting his partner, if he perceives her as a sand, absorbing his mind. This aspect can be a test for the spiritual growth of a man, since he has to learn to maintain mental clarity among illusions cover, which attacks him.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Neptune

Here a woman is trying to understand man's elusiveness. He intrigues and mystifies her, luring her childish credulity in the ocean of illusions. She is looking for knowledge, on which will be able to create a stable reality, but finds herself confronting Peter Pan in the country of an impossible dream. As a result, this aspect becomes very difficult for a long-term relationship.

Man's Mercury in opposition to woman's Pluto

This aspect causes a conflict between the conscious mind of a man and the depths of the unconscious of a woman. A man feels that she can literally destroy his mind, and tries to protect from any evil tendencies that feels in her. When she tries to express her strength, she may use the assistance of her mind in a confrontation in which everyone fights for his individuality. A woman eventually can be transformed by learning to perceive the bright side of life, whereas a man can learn a lot about the depths, the existence of which he had never known. This process may be accompanied by antagonism, frictions and so many conflicts, that none of the partners will be comfortable with another.

Woman's Mercury in opposition to man's Pluto

Here a woman feels the destructive undercurrent of subconscious depths of a man, which literally shakes her to the roots. However, she is intrigued by all that he knows, and his ability to understand her deeply. A transformation happens, as a man does not cease to push a woman to change. She considers him a burden, but a necessary part of the inevitable confrontation, that she must experience. There is growth, but because of the disharmony this partnership can only be very short-lived. It may be too volatile and irritating to lead to a lasting relationship or marriage.

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