Mars Aspects in Synastry

Here we will discuss 4 main aspects of Mars in synastry charts - trines, conjunctions, oppositions and squares. Mars is a male planet, which raises questions of power, will, ego, leadership and sexuality in a relationship, sometimes even causing fights and quarrels, and its importance should not be underestimated.

  1. Conjunctions
  2. Squares
  3. Trines
  4. Oppositions

Mars Conjunctions in Synastry

Mars in conjunction with Mars

Here, two individual egos aspire to one and the same direction. Competition is possible, but it can be directed towards a common goal. Thus, a woman is identified with the figure of the animus to keep up with her partner. In doing so, she loses some of her femininity in a kind of "brotherly" competition. Nevertheless, each is pushing the other to express maximum energy. Sexual expression can be difficult, as each of the partners is challenging the other, finding no susceptibility in response. This aspect can be disappointing or can stimulate significant achievements for both partners.

Man's Mars in conjunction with woman's Jupiter

This aspect brings expansiveness to the relationship. A man sees a woman inspiring, but she must use sanity and wisdom to keep the relationship from the excesses. It has a lot of activity, but partners must define clear objectives. Interest in sports, games and travel is a part of this aspect. When both partners activate each other, a man acts through instinct and a woman - through understanding. If both partners are wise enough to overcome any primitive or childish impulses, which may be the result of excessive enthusiasm, then there is a possibility of a large material wealth or spiritual growth.

Woman's Mars in conjunction with man's Jupiter

Here, a woman tends to be identified with the figure of the animus. In doing so, she encourages the partner to use his higher intelligence. Although she may be too aggressive, a man understands her instincts, that enhances the activity of the relationship and creates an abundance of movement. This partnership is associated with learning, as a woman absorbs the philosophical position of a man, and he, in turn, sees how she activates his ideas. This aspect can cause sexual difficulties due to excessive uncontrolled enthusiasm. If a sense of balance is maintained, growing relationship can be filled with emotions and excitement.

Man's Mars in conjunction with woman's Saturn

A woman fills her partner's impulses, often childish, with value and realism. A man sees her as a controlling factor in the relationship, but respects her wisdom and sense of correctness. His vigorous desires stimulate her, and she provides a solid foundation for his ego. This is a karmic aspect, in which a woman takes his father's role. She leads her partner to the wisdom and dignity, which, in her opinion, he deserves. A man tries to win her respect, as if she was his father, but he can do it, just following her principles. This aspect is usually found in relationships where a woman is trying to correct the child's ego problem. She directs the energy of a man in the productive sphere the same way that she was taught to direct her own ego. Thus, both partners seek to build a future based on her traditions.

Woman's Mars in conjunction with man's Saturn

This is an important karmic aspect. Here, a man must be a father to himself, as he plays back the process of combining impulsiveness with wisdom, which he had been taught as a child. He sees a woman as a reflection of one's own ego and attempts to lead her in the direction that he considered significant. She, in turn, stimulates him with the help of her vitality and energy spurting through the edge. However, she can not feel her femininity or even her true identity, because "decorations" for this relationship are man's karmic task and hereditary background. She may impulsively push him to overcome some difficult or complicated problems. A woman can even take over some of his karmic burden. However, ultimately, it is his slowness and sense of purpose that give depth and value to this enlightening relationship.

Man's Mars in conjunction with woman's Uranus

This aspect gives exciting and electrifying stimulus to a relationship. It means "courtship" as a man is attracted by the task to win the attention of an unusual women. She tries to be dispassionate and independent, but thus she just inadvertently attracts a man more. Each individual share the energy with the other. When the initial outbreak of excitement subsides, a man recognizes (after a hefty mess) that in the search for beloved he found a friend.

Woman's Mars in conjunction with man's Uranus

A woman strongly attempts to win the attention of an impassive man. She can play not her own role, seeking to accept his personality, she needs to create a tangible reality. Thus, the relationship can be exciting, but a woman must learn to expect the unexpected. Trying to create a closer relationship, a woman tries to get more personal involvement from a man. Although her persistence can please him, he carries it only in small doses, and tends to intermittent interruptions in partnership to keep his sense of freedom.

Man's Mars in conjunction with woman's Neptune

It is a balancing aspect, as a man tries to express his vigor through a woman, while she in turn tries to soften his fiery nature. As a result, he becomes the engine of her dreams and seeks to activate her imagination. A woman may feel that he is moving too fast for her, but she can not change this quality in the relationship. Mars is a planet of desire. Neptune symbolizes the dissolution of the nature of desire. Through these opposites, each partner brings the other to more realistic expectations from life.

Woman's Mars in conjunction with man's Neptune

A woman may unconsciously identify herself with the figure of the animus and play a male role. She activates dreams of a partner and makes awaken his dormant instincts. If he is not offended by it, it can be constructive aspect where inspiration and activity are joined together.

Man's Mars in conjunction with woman's Pluto

This aspect contributes intensity and passion to the relationship. Final completion of the things is possible, that allows both individuals to move forward into the future. A woman continues to get rid of the past, while a man is strongly committed to the future. In this sense, both partners act as a regenerating force for each other. Sexuality can be intense, and because of this karmic patterns of the past can be displayed on the surface, eliminated and replaced by new, fresh and exciting future expectations.

Woman's Mars in conjunction with man's Pluto

It is an intense and passionate aspect, in which a woman abandons her traditional role and is identified with the figure of the animus. Due to her power, a man finds new ways to activate his subconscious depths. Thus, she becomes his driving force. He is a rough diamond, and as a result of her ongoing quest he is able to gain power, which eventually will revive them both. When, due to her requirements, his dormant potential revives, a mess is possible, but the final result will be a very dynamic growth.

Mars aspects in synastry

Mars squares in Synastry

Mars in square (quadrature) to Mars

Both partners feel the tension, as the needs of different egos come into conflict with each other. A woman has to be overly assertive to compete with the challenges that her partner presents. Both fight for their individual personality in stimulating and warlike partnership. Passions flare up, and a general sense of irritability may be the result of the fact that none of the partners feels the advantages of his power. At best, it is a difficult aspect for a lasting relationship.

Man's Mars in square to woman's Jupiter

This aspect can cause great activity without a real reason. The instincts and impulses of a man contradict to woman's ideas or philosophy. He tries to assert his rights, not understanding clearly her point of view. Thus, a man seeks to reach out to a woman, whose view of life seems to be beyond his reach. The strong difference in beliefs is possible, which makes it difficult to preserve the relationship, especially in view of the fact that a woman tends to judge the motivation of her partner. Frustration and anger push each person to individual life, rather than to preserve a smooth and lasting partnership.

Woman's Mars in square to man's Jupiter

A woman aggressively pursues a partner, while he looks for freedom. This aspect may indicate an antagonistic relationship, because each partner lacks patience in dealing with the other. Individualism and a general lack of susceptibility talk about the difficulties of a long relationship.

Man's Mars in square to woman's Saturn

With this karmic aspect, a man and a woman are attracted to each other due to mutual lessons they need to learn. A man tries to impress his partner and discovers that her standards are in conflict with his efforts. A woman may try to control and focus his ego, which she considers too immature. Subconsciously acting as a father figure, she becomes a guiding force for the relationship. However, her demands seem unreasonably heavy for a man, as he calls into question the source of her wisdom, a sense of correctness and direction in which she moves. This is an aspect of achievements. If each of the partners will be able to understand the significance of the function of the other (though they vary significantly), the relationship can be built on a solid foundation. A woman has inherited a sense of wisdom from her father, and she has to use it to create a sphere of activity for "grounding" of man's impulsivity. She must be the "backbone" of the relationship, which disturbs a partner, but he needs it to find the desired goal in life.

Woman's Mars in square to man's Saturn

With this karmic aspect, a man sees a repeat of his youth in the impulsive nature of a woman. Acting in the tradition of his father, he wants to control her ego. At the same time, she unconsciously identifies herself with his youth. His real struggle and subconscious reason, why he basically came into this relationship, is to learn how to effectively control himself. When he learns this, the partnership will be filled with meaning and purpose.

Man's Mars in square to woman's Uranus

This aspect creates a very excited and unstable relationship. Although there is a lot of excitement and intense attraction, there is unstable quality also, which causes sudden and unpredictable turns of events. A man can be disappointed with the changing sexual nature of a woman. She has the ability to attract, but not the ability to obey. Although with this aspect there is a lot of "sparks", there may be no sufficient stability for a long-term relationship.

Woman's Mars in square to man's Uranus

In this aspect a woman tends to subconsciously take the male role, sacrificing her femininity in an attempt to reach out to her partner. However, his detached sense of independence and philosophically impartial positions irritate her, causing the feeling that her efforts wasted. A man retains his independence, while a woman is faced with the difficult challenge of maintaining control over herself, when she tries to win his freedom instinct. As a result, this relationship can be especially unilateral, they lack not only a solid foundation, but also mutual concessions that constitute the essence of a strong partnership.

Man's Mars in square to woman's Neptune

This is a very difficult aspect. Directions, in which the relationship moves, become entangled, because a woman's fantasy apparently befogs motives of her partner. He tends to guide, but she can not understand his purposes. Lack of communication and goals cause a sense of isolation for both partners.

Woman's Mars in square to man's Neptune

In this relationship, both partners experience permutation of roles. A woman accepts male role trying to compensate power, which, in her opinion, a man lacks. As a result, he can be outraged due to the fact that she interferes with his delicate fantasies. The more she tends to move forward, the more he tries to escape in a secluded private reality. As a result, she may lose the sense of the direction in which they are both moving. Although this aspect indicates the presence of sexual energy, it lacks the essence from which a strong relationship can be formed.

Man's Mars in square to woman's Pluto

This is one of the most difficult aspects in relationships. "The essence of the survival" of each individual comes into conflict with the other, since both partners try to stay in contact with a sense of "I". A man openly fights to defend his independence, whereas a woman does the same thing subconsciously. Severe tensions are possible, as well as an abundance of strife, as each partner is trying to win another. Good sexuality can ultimately transform a woman, as she always destroys the past, while a man prepares the ground for the future. If their charts have no other meaningful and powerful aspects, partners may have no common ground for a meeting of her past and his future. As a result, this aspect reveals the harsh reality of a brutal self-transformation, which may be too rough for a long relationship.

Woman's Mars in square to man's Pluto

This aspect is very unstable, as a woman, being identified with the animus figure, loses herself in the subconscious motives of a man. Both partners fight for power - one hopes to win another. A man can be stubborn, if he feels that his hidden needs are repressed. Intensive sexuality may become a theater of war, which is used to resolve the basic incompatibility of this aspect. Ultimately, a man will experience a transformation as he becomes aware of his new depths. However, he rarely approaches woman's consciousness, no matter how much he changes or grows.

Mars Trines in Synastry

Mars in trine to Mars

With this aspect, both partners can retain their unique independence, interacting with each other. The relationship has a male orientation, because the sense of progress, achievements and fulfillment of desires becomes a stimulus for action, thanks to which each partner can help the other grow. A woman is unconsciously identified with her animus and interacts with male needs. If a woman has brothers, the relationship can become for her a means of resolving the complex problems of the past, with the result that she acquires a new sense of self-worth. Through a sequence of new beginnings, this relationship can maintain youthful freshness that stimulates both partners.

Man's Mars in trine to woman's Jupiter

This aspect creates an interest in sport, leisure and travel. The relationship has intensive quality, but it is directed into the natural sphere. A woman can teach a partner to reach that is outside of his reach. She helps him to develop the consciousness and shows that she plays with his ego. He, in turn, stimulates her mental processes that generate more ideas, which create progress in the relationship. It has a lot of activity and movement, as both partners help each other to expand and defend their sense of individuality.

Woman's Mars in trine to man's Jupiter

A woman can identify with her animus to provide a sense of ego strength and unanimity with her partner. He sees a lot of opportunities, but needs her as the focal point. She, in turn, takes from him an optimistic view of her expectations. If they set realistic goals, then there is a good opportunity to achieve them. If there are no goals, a sense of impatience and irritability can destroy what could be a fruitful partnership.

Man's Mars in trine to woman's Saturn

Here, a man expects a directing from his partner. Woman is his anchor, the source and the sense of continuity. When he learns to combine his impulses with her realistic sense of wisdom, both can make great achievements. He aims for the future, while she strengthens the past. Here a light karmic connection is possible, as both partners learn to focus and direct their energy to something worthy. On a subconscious level, a man interacts with his symbolic father. A woman can sacrifice her feminine side for the sake of that where she sees a lot of sense. This is an excellent aspect for two people who have decided to work together.

Woman's Mars in trine to man's Saturn

In this aspect, a woman responds to paternal-like requirements of her partner. He, in turn, understands that youth and old age can create a wide range of understanding from which wisdom can be developed. A woman wants to move forward. A man sees in her his own impulsive nature. At the same time he must direct a woman in a conventional manner, which ensures the success of her activities. In fact, he helps to direct the expression of her ego. In the karmic sense, a woman cooperates with the image of her father, and even though her partner may be not aware of her femininity, however, he sees the potential of her ego. In past lives she has created a need to identify with the idea, principle or tradition that goes beyond her personal "I". Through these relationships, she is drawn to that what is beyond the capacity of her age, striving to achieve status, honor and meaning that can only come with the wisdom of age.

Man's Mars in trine to woman's Uranus

This aspect creates turbulent and stormy relationship. A man acts through his ego to reach the understanding of his partner. A woman ensures objectivity, which balances his subjective view. Because of supplementing sense of progress of both partners, the relationship acquires the features of two children, eagerly striving to experience their future.

Woman's Mars in trine to man's Uranus

This aspect can help a woman achieve independence through contact with free broad-minded partner's positions. He can use his objectivity in order to explain her actions and motivations. She may become over-involved in the relationship and entangled in the circumstances to the extent that she could no longer see herself. A man can help her disentangle to understand more universal concepts. Both partners can learn the advantages of less personal ego in this relationship.

Man's Mars in trine to woman's Neptune

In this aspect man's ego motivation is complemented by inspirational dreams of a woman. A woman adds color and texture to everything that he does, and it helps him to strengthen the impression of himself. A man, in turn, can show her how to activate her dreams to create a meaningful reality. While he is unceremoniously and she is evasive and elusive, there is an intriguing sense of sexual magnetism, because she is like a butterfly, flying close enough to almost be caught.

Woman's Mars in trine to man's Neptune

A woman is unconsciously identified with her animus. Taking the leadership in the relationship, she tries to activate a humble man. He absorbs her energy, soothing her and adding vision and understanding to her instincts. A woman tends to move forward, while a man enjoys fantasies. However, if these are creative fantasies, she is able to give them extra energy.

Man's Mars in trine to woman's Pluto

This aspect enhances the sexual tone in the relationship. A man sees the depth of his partner, and because of his intensity can bring to the surface the hidden qualities of her subconscious. She undergoes numerous changes, breaking with the past, and he gives her an incentive to move forward to the future. As a result, this relationship may be characterized by dynamic growth.

Woman's Mars in trine to man's Pluto

Here a woman is identified with her animus and leads a man to significant transformations. He rips off the shackles of the useless past, while she pushes him to a more self-centered future. Sexual instincts activate, since both partners are involved in reviving process. Because of her strength and his depth, the relationship can be very dynamic. It can push a man further away from his roots and closer to the aspirations of his partner. In essence, a woman complements the needs of her partner, that appear on the surface due to her energy.

Mars Oppositions in Synastry

Mars in opposition to Mars

This is a very difficult aspect. Egos of both partners are involved in a tug on the rope, trying to realize personal goals. A woman plays not a female role and should be overly assertive to be heard. But every action has an equal reaction. As a result, the more a woman asserts her rights, the more a man manifests assertiveness in the opposite direction. There may be a strong sexual attraction, but it is often too intense for understanding by partners. A woman sees that she is so enmeshed in the male ego, that eventually may feel that she is required too many sacrifices to make the relationship work.

Man's Mars in opposition to woman's Jupiter

This aspect causes energy dissipation, as well as difficulty with understanding the real essence of the relationship. A man acts through his ego, and a woman - through the higher mind. However, neither her ideas nor his pulses apparently are not on the same wavelength. As a result, man's efforts, aimed at impressing her, take him to the side, making it difficult for both partners to understand their sense of purpose.

Woman's Mars in opposition to man's Jupiter

With this aspect, a woman tends to over-identify with her animus. She tries to impress a man, but his wisdom and knowledge may be beyond her understanding. She sees things subjectively, while he can consider them distantly at a higher level. Both partners fight for personal freedom, but this fight will likely hurt a woman, because she is deeply involved in the relationship, while her partner does not accept any liability.

Man's Mars in opposition to woman's Saturn

A man fights for liberation from the father's figure that he sees in his partner. She represents crystallized rules, traditions and formalities, which he wouldn't like to be the part of. She finds him irresponsible and too young. There is tension due to the strong difference between two points of view. A man has a choice between self-expression and the ability to establish himself as an authority figure. In the karmic sense, he attracted this relationship to eventually learn how to break the shackles of prohibitions and become an independent person. Thus, the more a woman tries to limit him and keep within her expectations, the more she learns that it is impossible to control the other person always. As a result, a woman should give a man freedom to gain her sense of self-worth.

Woman's Mars in opposition to man's Saturn

Here a woman plays not her natural role, and because of this she is forced to turn her ego against her partner, as she tries to symbolically get rid of addiction to him. He may encumber her with traditions or encourage the search for her identity. As a result, a woman should know that she tries to overcome not the father's figure, but rather her internal constraints. Realizing this, she will get rid of the excessive karmic weight of the relationship, allowing a man to realize that he also learns to discipline himself.

Man's Mars in opposition to woman's Uranus

This aspect causes changes and is characterized by unpredictability. A man tries to win free woman's spirit. However, she is not interested in being defeated. Instead, she seeks to preserve the sense of isolated individuality, avoiding close relationship and proximity. A man also wants to retain his unique identity. But his desires are more secret and intimate. He sees the relationship and his role in it mainly through his ego. At the same time unattainable woman acts through universal mind and needs wider horizons to maintain her interest.

Woman's Mars in opposition to man's Uranus

A woman is overly identified with her animus. She struggles with herself, trying to understand why a man does not act the way she expects. His sense of alienation and detachment disappoint her, but her need to respond to the challenges is constantly stimulated by his impartial position. She may lose a significant part of herself, trying to achieve the unachievable, since a man, who in the end turns out to be rather a friend than a lover, can not be the kind of man which she subconsciously tries to win.

Man's Mars in opposition to woman's Neptune

This aspect is often a cause of deceit. A man tries to conquer a woman and very often deceives himself. Instead of seeing the fullness of his partner, his instinctive nature tends to the stereotype, which may not exist. A woman sees his effort, but can do little to soften the illusions with which he fights. As a result, the relationship becomes like a knight in armor, who is trying to win a cloud that is flying by.

Woman's Mars in opposition to man's Neptune

Here a woman plays not her natural role, since she pursues some impressive illusion created by her partner. Using all the power she could gather, she tries to tear the veil of illusion. But the more she tries, the more loses herself in that which in the end may become disappointing experience.

Man's Mars in opposition to woman's Pluto

This aspect causes tension in the relationship. Cruelty, hatred, and perhaps even violence may be there, as a man persistently urges and pushes a woman to realize that everything must be changed if she is going to experience a rebirth. She may resent the rudeness of his attacks and eventually come to feel that the relationship only offers her harsh treatment and punishment. Sexuality can be very intense, but it contains rudeness, as none of the partners manifests kindness and respect to himself and to the other.

Woman's Mars in opposition to man's Pluto

Here a woman excessively emphasizes male role. Everything becomes exaggerated, as she tries to reach her partner in the very center of his subconscious existence. She incites and provokes him, as if unconsciously blaming him for the lack of her femininity. A man feels his transformation, but can not communicate with irritation and anger outbursts, which he sees in his partner. This aspect can bring out the worst in both partners. If other aspects of the charts indicate common sense and good judgment, then in a very short period of time a lot of lessons can be understood here.

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