Lunar Days

First Lunar Day

The symbol of the 1st lunar day is a lamp, light. A day of creative ideas. Don't start new affairs, it is better just to make plans. What we have planned will be realized successfully, and sometimes even without our help. It's a magic day, when we create mental forms, which then materialize. A candle meditation is recommended.
People born on the 1st day of the Moon wait for something great. They can live a lifetime and do not have the moment of glory, but sometimes inspiration dawns, and they perform a feat.
On this day you can wear diamonds and rock crystal, but with caution: not every diamond is good for everybody.
Dreams on the night before this lunar day are fair and express well-being.

Second Lunar Day

The symbol of the 2d lunar day is a mouth, a cornucopia (horn of plenty). During the 2nd day of the Moon diet is recommended. Recall products that you eat, if at the recollection of something edible you feel nausea or unpleasant sensation, the product is harmful to your body. In the same way you can check the friends - from whom you feel sick - that is not a friend.
People who were born on this day tend to absorb everything in themselves. Hence they can develop greed, predatory instincts, attachment to things.
The stones of the 2nd lunar day - jade, chalcedony, agate, iridescent.
Dreams will soon come true and, moreover, in a joyous adventure.

Quality of Lunar Day

Third Lunar Day

The symbol of the 3d lunar day is a leopard or panther, preparing to jump. This is the period of active struggle, pressure and aggression, of astral warrior clad in armor. All passive people in the third day of the Moon are vulnerable, as they are targets for different astral attack. Energy of a person, who he is not a fighter, stagnates, he becomes doubtful, suspicious and cunning. It is necessary to concentrate and use astral energy for self-defense. This is the best day to practice martial arts - tai chi, karate and others.
People born on this day are warriors.
The stones of the 3nd day - dzhespilit, ruby, pyrite, aventurine.
Dreams are mostly empty and do not mean anything.

Fourth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 4th lunar day - the tree of knowledge, the choice between good and evil. This day - the first of the adverse lunar days. In Western astrology it is considered the day of the fall of man, who tasted of the tree of knowledge. This day better to spend in privacy and try not to take hasty decisions: first, we must all think it through. Group work is contraindicated, you can not pick flowers, cut down trees. Good activity for the day is to walk in the woods, to dissolve threads. If the night before that day you saw in a dream threads, confused hair - abandon your plans.
People born on the 4th day of the Moon are the bearers of some cosmic mystery.
The stones of this day: onyx, amazonite (brings joy to the house), green jade.
Dreams will not come true.

Fifth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 5th lunar day - a unicorn. This day great attention should be paid to the food consumed. This is the only day when the food burns evenly and is completely transformed into tissue. You must be satisfied, but do not overeat. On the fifth lunar day it's good to be on the road, to cry (in a dream and in reality), to work with herbs - to collect, to dry them, to make a tincture.
People born this on day transform food into the physical and astral energy. They can be heroes, saints.
The stones - turquoise, pink chalcedony and marble.
Dreams on the night before this lunar day will come true in the most accuracy.

Sixth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 6th lunar day - a cloud, a crane. This is the day of absorption and assimilation of cosmic energy. Prophecy, the transfer of thoughts, working with the word. It is also recommended to work with smells, because in the upper respiratory tract and in the tops of the lungs a process of transformation of cosmic energy takes place.
People born on the 6tx day of the Moon are conductors, transformers of cosmic energy.
The stones of this day - hyacinth, citrine.
Dreams are fair.

Seventh Lunar Day

The symbols of the 7th lunar day - a wand, a rooster, wind rose. Time to operate with elements, with spirits of nature, a day of verbal magic. On the seventh day of the Moon you must not lie. If you are not able to work verbally, it is better to keep silent. This day it is necessary to learn to speak without the "dirty" words, words-parasites. Not recommended to tear papers, letters, to pull teeth. Day of serious provocations.
People born on the seventh day of the Moon - irrepressible collectors of gossips.
The stones - sapphire, heliotrope, coral.
Dreams will not come true soon.

Eighth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 8th lunar day - a phoenix, a casket with treasure, fire, and also peacocks. This is the period of biochemical transformation, alchemy, cleansing by fire.
On the eighth day of the Moon alchemists are born.
Its stones - red granite, beryl, morion.
Beware of bad dreams on the night before this day.

Ninth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 9th lunar day - a bat. The first day of the quadrature of the Moon and the Sun. Dangerous day. Period of delusions, illusions, deceptions, poisoning. You need cleaning of the mind, active self-defense against the aggressive evil powers. The strongest warning in this day is spilled milk. Do not look in the mirror and do not break it.
People born on this day are often unhappy: they need to be cleaned constantly, to get rid of toxins, both physical and astral.
The stones of the 9th day of the Moon - black pearl, alexandrite, rauchtopaz, coil.
Dreams may portend bad luck.

Tenth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 10th lunar day - a source of water, a fountain. A fountain is associated with constantly overflowing energy, reminds about spiritual independence. The day is associated with the release of a person's own tradition, introspection, karmic memory. Sometimes a person starts to do something unconsciously. In the tenth lunar day it is recommended meditation over your own karma and karma of your family in order to understand your past and present, how to secure the future and the line that you adhere in life.
People born on the tenth day gain new sources of energy, many appeal to them for help. Those who follow the lowest path are selfish and superficial.
The stones of the 10th day of the Moon - amber, olivine, beryl, onyx.
Dreams will come true soon.

Eleventh Lunar Day

The symbols of the 11th lunar day - a flaming sword, a crown, a ridge. The inner sense of this day is a maze, where a person must defeat Minotaur within himself. A day of astral battles associated with the Kundalini energy, its switching-on and transformation. It is considered the most powerful of all the lunar days. It is a day, which requires caution and care in any affair. You can practice some cleaning procedures, in particular, astral cleaning, magic actinos, but all this need careful preparation. If a person is not preparared, he shouldn't do anything serious. People who do not have magic experience should not take into the hands cutting tools, shouldn't even cut the bread. But everything started must be brought to the end. Falling knives, forks warn of the danger. Contact with the insects, killing them is not recommended.
People born on this day are very strong, almost unpredictable, and they often get into accidents, for example, they are often bitten by animals.
The stones of the 11th day of the Moon - fire opal, hematite, carnelian.
The events of dreams seen before this day can be observed in three days.

Twelfth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 12th lunar day - a bowl, a heart, Grail. The day of mercy and compassion, of the cosmic energy of love. It is possible to receive afflatus on the twelfth day. This is the day of visual astral images, focusing on water, purification of thoughts. Good to give gifts, to give alms, especially when you have been asked about it. The day of care for yourself, indulgence, altruism, but do not relax, cry or become angry. Load on the heart is contraindicated. Bad sign for the twelfth day of the Moon - broken crockery, spilled liquid: it is a sign of suffering.
On this day merciful people are born.
The stones of this day - lapis lazuli, yellow coral, nacre, pink pearl.
Dreams will come true in 7 days.

Thirteenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 13th lunar day - wheel (as snake biting its tail) with a swastika (a solar symbol) inside. A swastika is right-sided, it rotates in a clockwise direction. Magical day. This is the day of the accumulation of information, making round talismans, spinning of threads, the organization of contacts, correction of the past, working with karma. The period is good for the group practice.
People born on 13th day of the Moon are those who work with the time, come into contact with other worlds. In this day perfect disciples are born.
The stone - precious opal.
Dreams from the 10th lunar day may be continued.

Fourteenth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 14th lunar day - a pipe. This is the day of the call, so it is symbolized by a pipe. Beginning of any important matter is better to move on 14th day of the Moon, if there are no barriers. Affairs started on this day work out. If you missed it - you lost the month. On this day work with the sacred texts is useful. The secret knowledge can be obtained, the person opens the third eye (if he directs his efforts on it). Do not engage in magical activity, don't use perfume, for people with weak Moon it is better not to look in the mirror. Any physical work is useful. Sadness, melancholy, sorrow can occur on this day, hence many suicides happen.
People born on the 14th lunar day have a vocation to something. They are characterized by a longing for authority, incredible adaptability, ability to mask, intelligence and cunning, the ability to lead. They are ready to feat, internally clean, very squeamish.
The stone of this day - hyacinth.
Dreams will come true soon.

Fifteenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 15th lunar day - a snake, a jackal, a fighter against evil spirits. Satanic day, the day of Anubis, the period of carnal temptations and astral battles. On this day, internal snakes of each person activates, so it is better to practice any form of asceticism, to defend justice. A bad sign for this day - a quarrel, good - a dog, even barking.
People born on this day, the day of the full Moon, have a serpentine nature. They give in to all the temptations of the astral, as born under the influence of the astral serpent. So they are not aliens to any temptations of the flesh.
The stones of the 15th day of the Moon - agate, morion, jet.
Dreams will affect very soon.

Sixteenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 16th lunar day - a butterfly (psyche), a dove, and also a "stairway to heaven", indicating the hard way of climbing, contemplation with great force of imagination. One of clear days, a day of fairness, balance, harmony between astral and physical bodies. Exercise which lead to harmony are recommended. Screaming, inconsiderate behavior must be completely eliminated on this day. You should remain calm, do not violate inner comfort and peace of mind with any extraneous actions. The sixteenth day of the Moon is a day of preachers initiation. Nastiness and aggressiveness, jealousy, manifested in this day, lead to a fall.
People born on this day like white and clean, prone to blue and silver. They do not condemn others. This people can work with time - do the correction of the past. They are gentle dreamers and can build phantoms.
The stones of the 16th lunar day: spinel, tourmaline, charoite, emerald, pearl (except black).
The fulfillment of this dreams will follow soon.

Seventeenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 17th lunar day - bunch of grapes, alarm bells. This is the period of gaining inner freedom. It is a day of accumulation and growth, fertility, ecstasy and joy of life. Favorable for the marital relationship, contacts within couples. The most bright aspect in the characteristic of the 17th day of the Moon - love, but do not lose your head and caution: due to uncontrolled energies it contains a lot of surprises. The day is associated with the transformation of the feminine energies, and unsublimated (unexamined) feminine energy can manifest itself as a riot and an involuntary output. It is desirable to spend the seventeenth day of the Moon as a day of contacts, fun and relaxation, with speeches and songs, mastering the power asanas, group exercises, the sublimation of the sexual energy. The results of this day can be very different: at the highest level - access to the key to the ideal love, on the lower - riot and drunkenness.
People born on the seventeenth day of the Moon are in need of their "half". They have a great need for a true spouse or lover - the source of energy of the pair polarity, otherwise they will be miserable.
The stones of the seventeenth lunar day - clear amethyst, labradorite, falcon's eye, zircon.
This dreams will show up soon and come true on the 19th lunar day.

Eighteenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 18th lunar day - a mirror, ice, a monkey. The day is passive, for some people hard, as it can be the day of fall: a person, who does not want to deal with his lower instincts, is overcomed with nightmares, seduction, secret obstacles appear - it seems that they are trying to knock him off the true path. The day is associated with imitation, with mimicry, with passive adherence to a stranger thoughts. Everyone needs to work with his evil and impure thoughts, develop an objective view of the world and try to see himself from the outside, to give up the illusions and lower instincts. On this day all need to renunciate vanity, selfishness. Drinking and smoking are contraindicated, it is useful to clean the intestines, fasting can be recommended.
On this day people are born with the talent of the actor, mostly comic; people, who make the absurd from everything, they see the world inverted. These are people who can imagine themselves the crown of creation - and then their path will be miserable and low, they can reach the full cynicism and destruction of shrines. Higher people, ie individuals who go the high way, are creative, capable of self-sacrifice, of feat, healers; thus may remain modest and inconspicuous.
The stones of the 18th day of the Moon - white agate, opal, purple amethyst, spinel.
Dreams will be fulfilled on the 20th day.

Nineteenth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 19th lunar day - a spider, a web. This period is very heavy and quite dangerous. The Moon is on the wane, so many sorcerers chose this day for their magic and black magic acts. This day is dangerous because of possible poisoning, spiritual narcotic, splitting of consciousness. It is necessary to be cautious with new ideas and trends that you know in the 19th day of the Moon - most likely, it will be deception. This day for everyone is connected with the astral cleansing, ie moral cleansing of the soul, conscience. It is helpful to think about your deeds, to get rid of the lies, arrogance, from foreign thoughts, from diabolical illusions. It is good to sit by the fire (or jump over the fire), light a candle and get around the room, apartment, house. The day is also associated with creativity: a spider is a person who can oppose himself to everybody, a creator, a maverick, a loner who will show a rise of creative thought, but will likely be punished by fate for his pride.
People born on this day in the worst case are devious, cunning, flatterers, elaborately braiding their networks, or losers, or creators, misunderstood by the world. However, you can greatly reduce or even completely get rid of the negativity of the nineteenth day, if brought up in yourself high moral qualities and will be selfless, modest person, carrying a good and light.
The stones of the 19th lunar day - labradorite, jet, morion, bloodstone, beryl, uvarovite and green garnet.
Dreams are fair and will be open in 8 days.

A Girl looks at the Moon

Twentieth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 20th lunar day - an eagle-vulture. Very serious and interesting day: the time of spiritual transformation, overcoming doubts, of ascension, of recognition of space law. Eagle is a symbol of a religious feat. This day is the best for fasting and spiritual insight. It is forbidden to eat meat and strain your eyes, it is better to be at home, engage in economic affairs, family and traditions. You can study the scriptures. Do not treat extrasensory (if you do not have huge accumulated potential) - on this day it is easy to wear out, give too much power. Dangers of the twentieth day of the Moon: pride, arrogance, grouchiness.
People born on this day live in constant expectation of the flight, they are very prone to astral travel. The best people of the twentieth lunar day - ascetics, who sacrifice themselves for the some matter. In the worst case people born on this day tend to rise above the others in a negative sense - they become false teachers, dictators.
The stones of the 20th lunar day - red jasper and dzhespilit.
Dreams portend prosperity.

Twenty-first Lunar Day

The symbols of the 21th lunar day - a horse, a herd of horses, a chariot. It's time of indomitable moving forward and upward, day of courage, fearlessness, voluntary sacrifice, rejection of property, revolutionary transformations, perseverance, the ability to achieve triumph. Active, creative day, day of sports. Day of astral warriors, knights, quixotic. This is a day of Mitra, whos symbol is remelting of human physical nature, and as the result - deliverance from sickness, this circumstance is connected with healing. On this day you should strive not to lie, to be absolutely clean and fair. All people should be active, "get off in herds" - group sessions are useful; it is a day of friendship, bringing people together. Baths, showers, pouring, hardening are recommended; it is good to travel or start the journey. To change a new place of work is better exactly on the twenty-first day of the Moon.
People born on the twenty-first lunar day may be in their lowest form invincible proudlings, in a movement to the goal not noticing anything, "trampling" others. The highest type - pure and honest knight with strong spirit, defender of justice.
The stones of this day - pyrite, zircon, aventurine, obsidian.
Dreams on the night before this lunar day are very accurate.

Twenty-second Lunar Day

The symbols of the 22th lunar day - Ganesha elephant with a broken tusk, a scroll and a golden key. This is a period of wisdom, studying of secret knowledge and using of it. In addition, it is a day of achieving goals, studying sciences, crafts, as well as the comprehension of own roots. People who study antiquity right in this day understand wisdom, inscribed in ancient writings and symbols. In the twenty-second day of the Moon it is recommended to know the future (if by divination then not with the cards). It is useful to meditate on the magical and astrological symbols including horoscope. This day good to be an altruist, teach others, share experience, prepare students, be generous or just accumulate knowledge.
A person born on this day is a keeper of the wisdom, traditions. In the worst case - conservative with a lack of dynamics in the outlook, convinced in his monopoly on the truth.
The stones of the twenty-second lunar day - blue agate, blue sapphire, blue jade and amber.
Nothing will happen from dreams.

Twenty-third Lunar Day

The symbols of the 23th lunar day - crocodile Maccari (bloodthirsty half crocodile, half fish, half bird, half snake that swallows everything), Cerberus. Very hard day - one of the days of seduction. Involvs violence, destruction of the old, a radical reform. On this day a person easily releases capture instinct, insatiable appetite, tendency to delirium, fight and shady enterprises. The sexual energy of this day undermines health. A day of revelry of vampires and bloodsuckers. This day is a symbol of sacrifice, penance, understanding and forgiveness. It is dangerous to indulge in anger, gluttony, you can not cut your nails, be subjected to surgical procedures; you should not lead a sedentary lifestyle. The twenty-third day should be a period of fasting and abstinence, caution and accuracy, gaining strength and healing capacities. This is the day of home security, the house should be cleaned and fumigated. This day is also associated with bullying, harassment, expulsion; you should be wary of collision with the raging crowd, do not succumb to provocation, the temptation of revenge.
A person born on this day is characterized by tenacity, dead grasp, he brings any affair to the absolute. He moves through life like a bulldozer, showing the maturity and completeness in all. People of the twenty-third day of the Moon often become true monks, but it is not necessarily for all of them.
The stones of this day - rauchtopaz, black jade, tiger eye, sarder.
Dream could be saturated, but still empty.

Twenty-fourth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 24th lunar day - a bear, a cliff, mountains, and even a phallus. The transforming power lies in this day - it is period of destruction of the old and of creating the new. The day is associated with the awakening of the forces of nature. It is believed that a person can receive revelation or the awakening of immense power. If he does not know how to use it, he pays for it. Then there is a realization of a generic curse or lycanthropy. The day is associated with the construction: it is good to build houses, to lay the foundations. The day of subjugation of the physical nature. You can do the therapy, prepare medicines. Power exercise and yoga are recommended. The day is favorable for the awakening and transformation of sexual energy; it is a day of worship of fertility gods, a day of compound, of conception. But you must not abuse sexual practices, otherwise will be no end of troubles: they should be dealt with only in a strictly defined program. This day should be actively used to enhance health, increase spiritual level.
People born on this day are the creative personalities, but sometimes they want to withdraw into themselves, to close themselves from people. In general, they are not of this world, even saints.
The stones of the 24th day of the Moon - black jasper, transparent obsidian, malachite, blue jade, grossularite.
Dreams will come true in 12 days.

Twenty-fifth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 25th lunar day - a turtle, a shell, two vessels with live and dead water. This day is contemplative, a period of solitude, concentration and imagination. You can do medical starvation, work to increase spirituality. On this day all people must be cleansed of toxins, physical and spiritual, they should listen to their inner voice; haste is contraindicated. If clairaudience is manifested in the twenty-fifth day - it's a sign of bondage to somebody.
People of the twenty-fifth day talk maturely even in their younger years. They are wise, slow, even sleepy, but able to be transformed; they often see prophetic dreams.
The stones of the 25th day of the Moon - spars (amulets), tiger eye, falcon eye (blue), chrysoberyl (green), prase, all fossils - wood, coal, heliotrope, pink marble.
Dream are empty and portend nothing.

Twenty-sixth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 26th lunar day - a toad, marsh. A toad, like a snake, is a personification of wisdom, but wisdom, which does not bring any benefit to a person because of his false enticement of own achievements. This is one of the most critical, dangerous days, in which people scold each other, bustle, spend a lot of energy on gossips. This very day a person can outspend his energy, strength. It is better in the twenty-sixth day of the Moon to refrain from active work, to relax or to be reasonable and economical in cases related to energy consumption. It is a day of fasting and abstinence, but abstinence is not as much necessary as the fasting. Access to the Master, to tradition is desirable, and testing the correctness of any teaching and teachers. It is necessary to cut off the false links and contacts, selective communication. You should seek to know the life, the worst in people, a sober assessment of reality, a removal of all and any "masks". Otherwise you will be hunted, mocked by people, who show hypocrisy and gross materialism. In the twenty-sixth day of the Moon there is high probability of robberies.
People born on this day have to remain silent for life, to give the vows, promises and fulfill them, to take any penance.
The stones of the twenty-sixth lunar day - orpiment, jade, chrysoprase.
Dreams will come true in 24 days.

Twenty-seventh Lunar Day

The symbols of the 27th lunar day - a trident, a wand. This day is connected with water and sea travel. Also, the day of receiving secret knowledge. It is recommended to meditate, because in this day intuitive insight is possible. In the twenty-seventh day you should look in the mirror as little as possible; better to spend this day without it.
People born on this day live in a state of constant changes and fluctuations. They are eternal travelers with a thirst for knowledge, vagabondage, mystics, visionaries, healers. At the highest spiritual level they are people capable of perfect love, at the lowest - drunks, drug addicts. Born in the twenty-seventh day of the Moon have the task of mastering meditation, cosmic consciousness, but they have to show a lot of willpower to "weed out" the lower world. In this way verbal magic, white magic will be helpful.
The stones of this day - transparent purple amethyst, emerald, adularia, pink and crimson quartz, selenite.
Dangerous dreams on the night before this lunar day are not truthful.

Twenty-eighth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 28th lunar day - a lotus. An auspicious day, in which spiritual enlightenment is possible, a soul alchemy happens. A person in a dream or in the process of meditation learns his past lives. A period of comprehension of higher truths, gaining spiritual consciousness, contemplation, opening all the chakras and working with them. The day is designed to work in sleep, with dreams (usually prophetic), with the astral body, OOBE, with clairvoyance. On this day you should try to be in high spirits, to peer inside yourself, to control emotions. It is good to plant, you can not fell trees, pick flowers. It is a day of "earthly" affairs - you can buy a house, do repairs.
People born on the twenty-eighth day of the Moon are very different. Being at the lowest spiritual level, they are unable to share the good and the bad. Such people are characterized by cynicism, lack of emotion, attachment. People of high spiritual level, on the contrary, are altruists, to which others are drawn. They bring good and light into the world. These are people of high moral and ethical code, busy searching for the underlying causes, the quintessence of all things. People born on the 28th lunar day need to work with dreams.
The stones - aragonite, chrysoprase, milky opal, jade, aquamarine, amethyst.
Dreams contain a lot, but nothing will come true.

Twenty-ninth Lunar Day

The symbols of the 29th lunar day - a hydra, an octopus. One of the most dangerous and terrible satanic days. The day whenthe astral mist thickens, and all the dreams, all the prophecies are deceptive and false. The day of the rampant of demons. On this day the responsibility is needed and the dispensation of reliable protection. It is necessary to keep fasting, abstinence, to practice humility, repentance, healing. You can not do anything new (even planning), but the most necessary household and everyday affairs. It is necessary to chop off the false communication, chase away the bothersome and intrusive people and thoughts, to carry out cleaning of the body. Before going to bed it is useful to carry out the purification of water, to hold feet in very cold water. It is recommended to burn oil lamps and candles, to fumigate the room. Turbid water, darkness and dark rooms should be avoided. Do not wear items made of bone and horn. Bad sign - to hear the cries, the call of the pipe, lingering musical sounds - it is a warning that you do in life something wrong.
People born in the twenty-ninth day of the Moon are scapegoats of all the Zodiac. Often they are demoniacs. Fight with someone throughout their life. As a rule - long-lived, but losers. The only advice can be given to them: to go through all the illusions and temptations, to fill all sorts of bumps and to try to get out of the test alive and with dignity.
The stones of this day - black pearl, nacre, obsidian, cacholong, white opal, labrador, colored jasper.
Fulfillment of dreams should be expected in 24 days.

Thirtieth Lunar Day

The symbol of the 30th lunar day - a golden swan. A day of love, forgiveness, repentance and summing up the past month. Often it is expressed in an equal amount of good and bad, that we receive. The time of the full harmony. On the thirtieth day of the Moon you need to carefully analyze your way and try to wash away all sins. This is the day of sacrifice, rejection of all unnecessary, superficial, the day of adoption of spiritual initiation and transition to a new round of development. It is especially important to sum up the last month before the solar eclipse. This day you should completed matters, contemplate, study beauty, make people happy, return the debts, displaying mercy. It is necessary to clean the house, in particular, to put there the mascots (such as a horseshoe). Barking dog is a warning that a mistake was made during last month.
People born on this day are beautiful, kind, wise, reveal themselves early, follow their ideal, monogamous.
The stones of the thirtieth day of the Moon - white coral, rock crystal and tourmaline.
Dreams do not mean anything.

(From the books by P. Globa and miss Hasse)

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