Libra Sign - Characteristic

Libra (September 24 - October 23) is the principle of balance, a balance between Yin and Yang, the state of quiet, the measurement of all. Libra has everything weighed, any event is considered from the perspective of 3 types of energy:
1 Yang energy - active,
2 Yin energy - passive,
3 Yin-Yang - Tao (when there is harmony, it is considered as a third type of energy).
Hence symbol - three spheres. In Libra, man must learn to put himself into a state of balance between achievements and desires. This sign also means the ability to mediumship, and when there is a third type of energy, a person becomes a medium and easily walks out of the body.

Qualities: Measurement - the ability to balance Yin and Yang inside.

Libra sign

Libra - a sign of Air, cardinal. Rulership of Libra - Venus. Exaltation of Saturn. Detriment of Mars. Fall of Sun.

Libra people are by nature amorous, and romantic relationships take a pretty big place in their lives. They feel good in small companies, corporate parties, it is easy for them to gain the attention of the opposite sex. They can meet with any person who has interested them. In love Libra face the same difficulties as in all other spheres of life: it is difficult for them to make a choice. Close relationships and family ties burden them.

Strengths of Libra sign: justice, diplomacy, harmony, aesthetics, ability to establish relationships. Possible weaknesses: indecision, fluctuations.

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