Leo Sign - Characteristic

The Leo sign (July 24 - August 23) symbolizes the power in magic. It is work with the power. It's a boss who is in charge. A person in this sign must develop a certain strength. A strength is the ability associated with the transformation of energy, ie it converts the energy into a power. And with this power he is working on the outside world. Leo is not so much about physical strength, but the power of the spirit.

Qualities: achievement, activity, the centrifugal force directed from the center to the periphery.

The Leo sign

Leo - a sign of Fire, fixed. Rulership of Leo sign is Sun. Exaltation of Pluto. Detriment of Uranus. Fall of Mercury.

Personal life of Leo is rarely cloudless. For Leo love and marriage can become an unique form of self-affirmation, another way to achieve recognition. In love and family life, they can be oppressive, although innate nobility will not allow to fall to petty quibbles and suspicion. Married Leo most values reliability and loyalty and need constant confirmation of his supremacy and exclusivity.

Strengths of Leo sign: generosity, creative talents, the ability to create a good mood, ability to lead. Possible weaknesses: the cult of grandeur, arrogance, laziness, vanity.

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