Gemini Sign - Characteristic

Gemini (May 22 - June 21) - the last sign before Cancer, and Cancer is the transition to the next level. Here we are dealing with Egyptian mythology and symbolism, where Gemini means the duality (Ka and Ba) - conscious and subconscious. Two principles: the person and not the person, "I" and "not I". It is very important to learn how to analyze every action, and to divide itself into "I" and "not I", then you will be able to work with this "not I". There is a balance of interaction between conscious and subconscious, that is, one must master the skills to communicate with his allies. Work with your subconscious mind is assembly of personality.

Quality: Working with duality, with assembly of personality.

Gemini sign

Gemini - an Air sign, mutable. Rulership of Gemini - Mercury. Detriment of Jupiter.

In love their dynamic and changeable nature can present the same surprises, as in other spheres of life. Close emotional relationships do not always work out for Gemini as good as superficial connections. The lack of depth in relationships with the opposite sex they often compensate with the number of acquaintances. It is an open Air sign, he does not like long-term commitments and will always find a loophole to feel himself free. The main attraction in a love story for them is an unusualness and novelty of the experience. But Gemini have to settle down with age. Up to 30 years they will experience a lot of love interests, and in marriage their partner, most likely, will not be the object of passion and romance, but a person with similar intellectual interests.

Strengths of Gemini sign: flexibility, mobility, good assimilation of information, communicativity. Possible weaknesses: lack of principle, dispersion, unreliability.

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