Cancer Sign - Characteristic

Cancer (June 22 - July 23) is a stairway. Cancer is moving backwards, because there is a transition to the next level. When you go to the next level, you find yourself in the beginning of the road - you have to work again with all 12 signs (from Leo again, and so on). Every time we finish something, there is the entrance to the next maze.

Quality: Moving to the next turn of the spiral.

Cancer sign

Cancer is a Water sign, cardinal. Rulership of Cancer sign is Moon. Exaltation of Jupiter. Detriment of Saturn. Fall of Mars.

In love Cancer sign is incorrigibly romantic nature. Love completely immerse him in his native element - the deep ocean of emotion, subtle dramatic experiences, anguish, dreams and hopes. Therefore, the reality can be very frustrating for Cancer - it's too far from his dreams. For married Cancer reliability, comfort, quiet family well-being, traditional family values are important. Family, children, home - all this is very important for him, and he may perceive life pretty bleak before he finds lasting marital status.
Strengths of Cancer sign: tenderness, responsive, sensitivity, intuitiveness, commitment to family, patriotism. Possible weaknesses: depression, mood variability, avarice, conservatism.

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