Business and Astrology

Financial Planets

"Money" planets in the business astrology are rulerships of Taurus and Scorpio, II and VIII houses - Venus and Pluto. The position of these planets in the sign and the house, their aspects give reliable information about the sources of income and activity that can be such a source.

The astrological tradition associates Sun with gold, Moon - with silver, Venus - with copper, and Mercury is a symbol of paper, ie money.

Venus in Business

Venus and MoneyCopper - it is always coins of small value, small money.

Venus is the only rulership of Taurus - the sign of ownership, the slow and steady growth and accumulation.

Taurus is associated with the income obtained by honest labor, earned. This money - a reward for efforts. Therefore, Venus symbolizes money earned, but its value is determined by that what is possible to buy for them. According to its principle, Venus is responsible for everything that makes our life harmonious: for comfort, cosiness, beautiful clothes, hair, makeup, pleasure. More precisely, for that which gives pleasure. This is the ground, gardens, long-term goods and objects, art, which give a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment, regardless of their price.

Therefore, in terms of financial astrology Venus is associated with the intrinsic value of things.

Venus with Chiron is also the rulership of Libra - the sign of barter and honest exchange. Libra is responsible for all partnerships. Honesty, which Venus wants, is one of the basic rules of business. In a fair partnership both sides are satisfied.

Finally, Venus is love. Its constellation in the sign makes it possible to judge about the person's relationship to money and wealth.

Areas associated with Venus:

Brokerage firms, banks, factories and garment industry, studios, gift shops and women's jewelry, beauty salons, hairdressing, modeling, cosmetics, handbags and purses, art, public houses, manufacture of confectionery products, community centers, gardens, painting.

Pluto in Business

Pluto and MoneyIt symbolizes big money. It rules Scorpio - a sign of joint investments, other people's money, debt and taxes, loans and interest on them. Scorpio recovers and recycles what seems dead and useless and thus he creates capital.

The accumulation of money in millions has a reason in compulsive need, symbolized by Pluto. In the individual chart Pluto, related to II or VIII house, shows the ability to regulate the money flowing. In other words, Pluto is the ability to accumulate money and manage capital. In such cases, Pluto has aspects with rulerships of money houses or planets in money houses.

Of course, not everyone with such Pluto becomes a millionaire. The power of Pluto is aimed at creating capital only when it is inserted directly into the money potential of the chart, and this is confirmed by other horoscope indicators. Great wealth requires a combination of many factors in addition to Pluto.

What is more, such aspects as conjunction, square, semi-square and opposition not only do not block the ability to accumulate money - they strengthen it. In this case Pluto means and authority associated with big money, capital.

Pluto and Scorpio symbolize the death of everything, including the capital. Therefore, with the relevant indicators Pluto can mean bankruptcy.

Areas associated with Pluto:

Atomic and nuclear energy, power, politics, organized crime, funeral business, detective agencies, insurance agencies, archeology, psychology, taxi, pest control, toilets, pornography, banks, counseling, healing, cremation, pathological department, state security service , police, mafia, racketeering.

The social planets - Jupiter and Saturn - also surely contribute to financial success.

Jupiter in Business

The planet of luck and success, without which no business is possible. Strong Jupiter means luck as a leader, an organizer, an administrator, a supervisor, it is also luck in the transactions through which the capital can be accumulated.

Even if a person is not related to the business, the financial position of Jupiter in the houses may tell that revenues exceed expenses.

Jupiter can mean wealth through authority, high position, inheritance, lucky case.

In addition, Jupiter symbolizes law and ethics, which are indispensable for successful business management.

Areas associated with Jupiter:

Church, publishing, banks, casinos, law, higher education institutions, universities, tourism, academic councils, international relations, import-export.

Saturn in Business

It is impossible to imagine a successful business without discipline, strict accounting and the ability to plan. Saturn in business is restrained, quiet and very careful. Strong Saturn indicates exceptional prudence in financial matters, it has a very well developed sense of trading value of the shares or commodities.

Saturn in the financial houses points that the person earns money through work. He has a solid material view of things, cautious in acquisitions and prefers "a bird in the hand".

Saturn is a collector, accumulator, buyer and controller, even though it may be an accumulator of spiritual values and knowledge.

Saturn prefers stability in matters, it does all for this, and if business, then without risk. As rulership of Capricorn and X House, Saturn has the talent to benefit from state securities, it keeps afloat even in difficult times.

Areas associated with Saturn:

Governmental bodies, the tax inspectorate, law, notaries, the depositary, constructing, real estate, cemeteries, mines, police, homeopathic pharmacies, lumberyards, hardware, dentures, history, mathematics, products from plumbum, hearing aids.

Any business means the activity, and the activity - it is Mars and Mercury.

Mars in Business

Mars - it is an initiative, starting a business, the ability to use resources, borrowings, loans - all that allows to produce, buy, put the money in circulation. The essence of any initiative is risk. Whether a person takes in debt or lends himself, it is always a great risk.

Unlike Venus, the principle of which is "rich and poor have to play by the same rules," Mars in economy adheres to the principle of capture - who can grab more, that will receive more (ethics is not taken into account).

Doing business depends on the strength and weakness of Mars in the natal chart (although it is reasonable to assume that hardly anyone with a weak Mars dares to do business) and on its position in the sign and house. The sign will indicate the mode of action, as well as aspects, and the house - the Martian sphere of activity.

The range of professions and positions of Mars is very large: from soldier to general, from the worker to the DG, from the seller to the businessman. Everything depends on the education and spiritual needs.

Areas associated with Mars:

Heavy industry, steel and machine-building plants, metallurgy, machinery, equipment, tools, production and sale of weapons, physics, mechanics, sports stadiums and gyms, dentistry, acupuncture, surgery, bakery, tobacco production and sale of tobacco products, sculpture, engraving, carving on metal and wood.

Mercury in Business

At the heart of any business transaction is the idea and payment - it is a function of Mercury. The better everything will be thought from all sides, the greater the chances of success.

In ideal option for business Mercury has good aspects to Saturn (logic) and Mars (business acumen).

In addition, it is important what kind of Mercury it is - Air or Earth. Fire and Water Mercury is not good for business: it lacks practicality.

If Mercury is in Air sign or is associated with the Ascendant in Air sign, it is very agile mind and a lot of ideas, but the implementation difficulties due to the shortage of practicality.

Earth Mercury can produce in a lifetime a single original thought, but because of efficiency and practicality he will bring it to realization. Great for business, if a person has both "air" and "earth" mind.

Mercury means a paper money. Money is intermediary, without it the financial economy can not gather buyers and sellers.

Mercury is a manager who does not generate profit, but gains and the price ultimately depend from his activity.

Strong Mercury provides commercial talent, the ability to work with all kinds of counting techniques, drawing and graphics tasks, it wields the word and letter.

Areas associated with Mercury:

Communications, transport, accounting, contracts, documents, licenses, patents, literary work, journalism, correspondence, mail and courier delivery, advertising agencies, bookstores, trade, fine craftsmanship, secondary and primary schools (with Jupiter), the secretariat, computer programming, optics, air conditioning, libraries, authors, cattle breeding, veterinary service.

Chiron in Business

It tends to business. This is a unique salesman. It has the ability to recognize people and trends of the market and get private information. It is a manipulator-moderator seeking to benefit one way or another.

Chiron provides an excellent technique to talented people of art.

Areas associated with Chiron:

The creators of the new concepts in science, the diplomatic service, diplomatic couriers, lawyers, secret services and intelligence, espionage, brokers, dating services, astronautics, stunt, chess players, musicians, dancers, screenwriters and producers.

Neptune in Business

Neptune - a planet of ideals, it turns away from conventional beliefs that are considered to be a reality, and deal with other measurements. It is a subtle planet and very difficult to interpret.

Its role in the business is questionable, unless the business is related to ideology, religion, music, poetry, and so on. However, Neptune is associated with a number of professions (oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, cinema and so on) which are the most profitable in the world. Apparently, that's why many authors refer to Neptune as "money" planet.

However, experience shows that only a very strong and positive in its aspects Neptune provides a great success (not money) in its professions. Such Neptune occurs rarely, and rather in people who are not interested in business.

If Neptune is related to financial houses or financial planets, then person is predisposed to "Neptunian business", but as a rule there are confusion, deception and foggy situation in his financial affairs. And business requires definition. A striking example of "Neptunian business" is the drug business, where the organizers are interested in the fog, but, of course, not in a financial sense.

Areas associated with Neptune:

Oil and petroleum products, gas companies, cinema production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, factories of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, antiseptics, charities, psychiatric hospitals, orphanages, drug business, synthetics, nursing homes and sanatoriums, poetry, dance, church business, photography, clairvoyance, manufacturing poisons, the prison service.

Uranus in Business

It is not a "money" planet. In the horoscopes of rich people eccentric Uranus works for business. This is an original, unconventional business, which uses the latest discoveries and ideas, ahead of their time. Uranus makes wealth an interesting and additional benefit, but not an end in itself.

Areas associated with Uranus:

Fleet, aircraft, spaceships, airports, electricity, antique shops and stores, the computer business and video, television, astrological counseling.

Sun and Moon are associated with precious metals - gold and silver. Precious metals with the most expensive precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds) are the basis of currency and public funds, they are used as an investment. Gold is a universal equivalent of any currency.

By themselves, the luminaries in the chart show no information about the finances, but they may be associated with the profession and certain types of business, the success of which can be evaluated by their relationship to the overall financial potential of the chart.

Sun in Business

It refers to the profession almost always, because it implements the principles of self-manifestation and self-realization. Its sign and house indicate the areas where the self-realization is most possible, but it does not mean at the same time financial success.

In contrast, the people of "solar type" are not looking for benefits, their main thing - to shine, to be the prominent and well recognized.

The financial profits or failure in the solar profession are indicated by aspects to "money" houses and planets.

Sun does not collect the money, it likes to spend and share, to give pleasure. If it has aspects to Jupiter, for example, it means love of banquets and entertainment events - all this is a waste of money, and no accumulation.

Fields of activity associated with Sun:

Mining of gold, jewelry industry, jewelry shops, crafts, art, philosophy, casinos, brothels, kindergartens and sports schools, advertising.

Moon in Business

It refers to the daily needs, it is associated with small daily expenditure and products.

Moon is cautious, it gets only what is needed, stays away from speculation and never risks. But it likes to have in reserve, especially in Earth signs. Therefore, with the relevant aspects Moon can be related to the accumulation, but not scale.

Fields of activity associated with Moon:

Silverware and their manufacturing, restaurants, hotels, motels, beaches, real estate agencies, sailors, fisheries, service personnel.

Lunar Nodes in Business

In the financial horoscope ascending (North) node has a tint of Jupiter, and the descending (South) node - of Saturn. Planets associated with the ascending node mean luck, things are going well. If the planets, especially in "money" houses, are associated with the descending node, it means delays, obstacles, carping, objective circumstances that impede business, bribes to officials, overheads more than profit and so on.

Solution of karmic tasks is not part of the business, but if the business is contrary to the karmic program of the chart - it will not work.

If the axis of nodes enters the houses or signs of fixed cross, the astrologer faces a difficult task, because one of the houses will be associated with a tendency to accumulate. Even more difficult when, for example, in II house is Scorpio and descending node, and in VIII - Taurus and ascending node.

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