Aries Sign - Characteristic

Aries (March 21 - April 20) is a fighting spirit - activity, militancy, aggression. It means passionarity when man do not fight for money but for principle and can not waive some principles for anything. Aries is an ability to uphold certain principles. It creates notion of abstraction. Thinking should reach the level of generalization, a high degree of abstraction. Aries is connected with working with abstract principle.

Qualities: The activity, the ability to defend principles, achieving results.

Aries sign

Aries - a sign of Fire, cardinal. Rulership of Aries sign - Mars. Exaltation of Sun. Detriment of Venus. Fall of Saturn.

The physical side of love for him is of great importance, and with fading of the first pulse of love and blunting of a sense of physical intimacy the object of passion for Aries loses its appeal. Family life can be disturbed with his strong desire for freedom, full independence. To achieve family happiness it is useful to curb his impulsiveness.

Since Aries is a male sign, personal life of Aries women is rather hard. They should restrain their "male" energy and commitment to leadership. Typically, these women tend to repress men, at least with their endless advices. It is difficult for them to imagine that there are people with different character, they only understand what they feel and experience themselves. Making Aries to accept someone else's character is impossible.

Strengths of Aries sign: courage, ability to take the initiative, physical energy and will, activity, resoluteness. Possible disadvantages: increased impulsiveness, reckless behavior, aggression, pressure.

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