Aquarius Sign - Characteristic

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) - here we deal with the principle of multivariance and relativity, with selection and search, with the ability to analyze the situation. This sign is associated with probability of events (multidimensionality appears, and the world is no longer divided into white and black, friends and foes). Thinking operates in Aquarius, it makes calculation of options. Aquarius - this is where you need to learn how to work with the relativity of objectives, events, and learn how to make choices.

Qualities: Selection and calculation of options.

Aquarius sign

Aquarius - an Air sign, fixed. Rulership of Aquarius sign - Uranus and Saturn. Exaltation of Mercury. Detriment of Sun. Fall of Pluto.

In love Aquarius manifests the same freedom and independence, as everywhere else. Sudden drastic changes, unpredictable behavior - his characteristic. In a relationship friendship based on spiritual unity and mutual respect is more important for him, than love, born from the heart desire. Aquarius is not jealous - intimacy, the possibility of mutual understanding and joint creative work constitute for him the main value of marriage. Aquarius is not a homebody, but that does not mean that he will certainly aspire to the unknown, it is just important for him to feel that nobody pushes him, imposes obligations, requires submission.

Strengths of Aquarius sign: independence, freedom, original thinking, democracy. Possible weaknesses: uncontrollable rebelliousness and anarchism.

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Published: 25.11.2015 in the Astrology category